Saturday, December 25, 2010

Night Before Christmas

Did not do as much decorating of the house that I usually do. Wasn't even sure if I was going to put up a tree being as we came home from AZ Dec. 18th. I was not planning on doing a lot of entertaining so what was the point. Well--I guess I am not quite ready to give that up yet. I still felt the need to put up some kind of a tree. No intention of doing much of anything else but when the boxes came out and I kept discovering things more and more went up. But to give myself credit where credit is due it was not nearly as much as other years. I also got the feeling of wanting to minimize things and stuff around this house. But I have come to the conclusion that is going to be an ongoing process for me. Sometimes making those decisions can be stressful for me. Sentiment sure gets in the way. I don't mind doing this for others because I am not attached to their stuff and do not have to make any choices. I mean how could I ever get rid of the ugly lump of clay that Bryan created in art class. Or the little pin cushion mouse given to me by my niece and nephew when they were small. How can I get rid of the coaches ornaments that Pudge has gotten through the years from kids on his team. Or what about the pretty dish that I bought just because I loved it. And then there is my collection of children's literature. I used to use these when I would do a teaching unit on the subject. Don't use them now but I do so love the pictures and the stories. Oh yeah--then there is the bird house and little table & chairs that my dad made and Tony Dadey's shelf. The picture of the 3 little girls that remind me of my mom & my aunts because it is in that time period. See what I mean. Maybe someday I can bid these items farewell but not today. Well--didn't mean to get off on that tangent. Back to the night before Christmas.
Table set for Christmas morning brunch. Theme was red & white and snow flakes. I vowed that I was not going to buy anything. Everything had to come from what I had and it did. I really had not clue what I was going to do until I just started doing it.
I have never tired of these white dishes that I purchased years ago. They are hexagon and from England. I have used them a lot. All the candle holders were in my china pantry. Candles and greenery were in boxes that just had to be brought out. Water glasses were bought in Czechoslovak when we were there in 1995. Stemmed juice glasses were Princess House bought many years ago. And then the mix of silverware which I love was all purchased at Goodwill. And do I ever have a lot of it. But I love it. Lace tablecloth from garage sale. Snowflake ornaments were bought for nickles at end of year sale. There have been some years when it is snowing outside during our brunch and it feels like we are in a snow globe because of being surrounded by windows.

Did not put up the big tree. This is 4 small trees bunched together on small table. I liked it. It was something different from the large tree usually put here. Not nearly enough room for ornaments but that was OK.

Stockings were hung and stuffed. There are usually 4 more but Kari's family was not able to be here this Christmas. We will be celebrating our Christmas with them Friday, Dec. 31. Mantle is very much simpler this year and I like it better. I usually have Father Christmases up there. This year--greenery and a big wrought iron candle holder with big ball candles. Little lights were tucked in the greenery which made it look like it sparkles.

Kirsten, Kit, Addy & Caroline getting ready for Christmas underneath the steps in the LR. Kit & Kirsten are doing all the work while Addy & Caroline are enjoying tea.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

In the lineup for the golf cart parade. The trouble with being in the parade is you do not get to see the parade. There was a couple of floats, a high school band, & other golf carts. It was so much fun. I did blog all about it with more pictures but lost everything when I went to spell check it.
Gloria, Shannon & I went to the Tempe art festival. Saw this vendor there. Had to take a picture of it.
"The Sunsationals." My wonderful tap dancing group (part of them) not everyone was there. I loved Isla's Christmas tree outfit. Roy is our only male member and he was a roller blading Santa during the parade.
Gloria & Shannon trying on gorgeous hats at the Tempe art festival. Got scolded right after I took this picture because there was not supposed to be any picture taking at this booth. Did not see the sign--it was too small. I apologized.
Thanksgiving at Jim & Gloria's with John & Shannon. The meal was fantastic. The weather was 74 and sunny. We sat on the patio all afternoon watching the golfers.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Life in Arizona

Love our fire pot that Jim & Gloria gave us last year as a house warming. Every evening about 5pm we make it a point to be on the patio to watch the sun set over the golf course. They are magnificent and every one is different.

On the driving range not too far from our condo practicing driving. I get thrilled when I hit a nice drive which is far and few between. Pudge has been very patient with trying to teach me the tricks of this. We also chip and putt on the practice greens. I like that better. Doesn't seem to be as much work but it still can be frustrating. Haven't been on the course yet but soon Gloria, Shannon & I are going to golf. I am looking forward to that.

The last night on our trip down here we stayed at Laughlin, Nevada. The next day we stopped at a Oatman, Nevada. They are known for the donkeys that roam the town. I liked the town a lot. It was a rundown, very western, cowboy town. The donkeys were at the edge. They were so cute.

Bryce Canyon in Utah. We hiked some of the trails.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Arch made out of elk antlers. I liked this town. There were four of these at each corner of the town square. The Tetons could be seen from here and they were beautiful

Monday, November 1, 2010

Follow up on Golf Carts

Just to add a few things to the fiasco on Saturday involving the golf carts. We arrived at John & Shannon's and inspected the golf cart and heard the story of how it happened. John was visibly upset. He & Pudge spent some time in the garage trying to straighten a few things out on the wrecked cart. Now what I am going to tell is going to seem very insensitive but I am going to tell it anyway. When Shannon & I started talking about the experience we got into a fit of giggling and laughing about it. Every time I pictured it in my mind I would go into fits of uncontained laughter and Shannon did too. But when John came in we had to be very serious because we could tell he was not about to see any humor in the situation at all. But he would go out of the room and we would start all over. Even now when I think of it I laugh. I mean it had to have looked like a cartoon with the runaway golf cart and the 2 of them just having to watch it. On Sunday John was able to see the humor in it also. He still was not happy but he did have to smile as we talked about it.

Our golf cart was dropped off at 7:30 am and we picked it up before noon. We were told that the cables were not tight and I guess it created friction and got hot and caused the fire. A hole did get burned through but there is no way you can see it. It is way under and the seats have to be removed in order to see it. Cost to fix $70.00. Not bad. I can handle that.

John's cart had to be picked up and brought to repair shop by trailer. I thought his bill was going to be $1ooo or more. Not the case. They called and said it would be about $450 and he can pick it up tomorrow. It will not have the windshield on it yet because that had to be ordered. When it comes in he will have it put on then.

Today John is laughing about it. He said that most people he has told laughs about it so that makes me feel a little better.

So it is like Shannon says--I now have the most expensive, bent up patio umbrella that I don't even like and paid too much for in the first place. Grrrr----but all is well that ends well.

Golf Cart Catastrophes

Saturday morning - Oct. 30, 2010--The big community garage sale is on. One of my favorite things. It is here in the complex and there are so many that it makes one's heart beat fast. Started at 7 am. We (meaning Pudge, me, John & Shannon) had a plan of attack that we had put together the week before. We were going to take both of our golf carts. The girls in one and the guys in the other. That way everybody would be happy because the guys don't shop quite like we do.

So it started out an absolutely (once again) gorgeous morning. J & S were here at 6:45. I was busy getting money in a pouch to wear around my neck so it would be convenient. 7 am we are on our carts and down the road we went to the first one. Oh Boy!!!! Lots of treasures to be found.

An hour into it and I was driving our new golf cart. It started to smell hot. Mentioned it to the guys and we switched carts. Pudge seemed to think that it was smelling because of being broken in. We parted ways. An hour and a half later phone rings. It is Pudge. He says "come get us at our condo--the golf cart started on fire." OUR BRAND NEW GOLF CART!!! Can't think about it too much though--there were still too many garage sales to hit. We picked them up. They said they were going from sale to sale and from the back of the seat flames started to appear. Someone came up with a bottle of water and poured on it. A home owner got his hose and put it out. There is very little visible damage. A little soot on the seat but the plastic is still on and it can be wiped off. The cart still runs well but needless to say we are not running it until we find out what the matter is.

OK--onto the evening. Pudge & I took off about 4 pm to explore some of the places near here. Then we went out to dinner. Coming back from dinner phone rings and it is John. He proceeds to tell us that he wrecked his golf cart and we needed to stop over. He was upset. Upon first look at the cart it didn't look too bad but upon closer inspection it was. The story behind it was that they were at our condo to deliver a patio umbrella that I had bought and dropped off at their place to make more room for our other treasures. In attempting to remove the umbrella to leave at our place it somehow got wedged, hit the gas pedal and away it went. Ran over John's foot and knocked him down (thank God he did not get hurt). He told Shannon to run to catch cart. She said there was no way she could have caught it. So they watched it going down the road at full speed until it hit a tree and tipped over. They managed to get it upright and back to their garage but there will be no moving it until it gets fixed. Broken axle, chunks of wind shield are out, batteries in disarray, flat and damaged tire, canopy frame bent. John visibly upset. Shannon is thankful that it did not hit a car, house or go into the pond.

Right now as I am writing this the 2 guys are talking to the golf cart repair man here in our complex about both of the carts.

I need to say--that stupid umbrella. Even before this happened I was not happy about it. I paid too much money for it. I should know better. What was I thinking? Throughout the day I was seeing so many of them that were a third the price I paid for this one which was making me more and more mad--and now this happened. STUPID UMBRELLA!!! It also got bent up in the mishap so we are trying to pound it and straighten it. Well--enough said about that.

Now we just have to wait and see what is said about the golf carts from Jim (repair man)

John's cart with the batteries all messed up.

Broken axle and damaged tire.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day 3 - On Our Way to Arizona

Why is this typing with underlining? This blog drives me nuts.

Left Cody, Wyoming at 7 am. The drive to Yellowstone was awesome with the trees being so brilliant gold that they look artificial. It is incredible.

Entered the gates of Yellowstone at 8:22 am and made our way right to Old Faithful. Was able to see her erupt at 10:45. Then we took off on the boardwalk which goes among many of the geysers and bubbling pools. It was longer than what we planned but once you get on it just keeps going round and round and it kind of surprises you. We found ourselves going really far and decided to turn around and go back which was still a long way away. Weather is about 55 degrees and the sun peeks out once in awhile. Many things are closed for the season at the park.

We hiked down to the bottom of the canyon to see the lower falls. It was awesome. Many switchbacks to get there and then we had to go back up. We only had to rest once while ascending. It started to rain, sleet, snow while we were doing this. Didn't matter. I put my hood up and that did the trick. Lots more walking and climbing stairs as we stopped at many lookouts to see the amazing views.

Saw herds of buffalo and one bull elk. Oh yeh--before we entered the park we spotted a big wolf crossing the road.

We left the park at 6:00 pm. We decided to go to Jackson Hole, Wyoming and look for lodging. The original plan was to spend the night in a campground in Yellowstone but most of them were closed and it had rained so the one we were going to stay at was all wet and muddy and that would not have been fun.

Upon leaving Yellowstone we entered Grand Tetons National Park. Saw a bear in the far off distance. The Tetons are very majestic. You skirt these mountain rather than drive through them. The sun was setting and the scenery was surreal.

Got into Jackson Hole about 7 pm and found lodging and took off to explore this very fascinating place.

Tired so I am going to sign off and say good night.

Walking the boardwalk among all the bubbling and erupting geysers. It
was about a 3 mile walk.
At a lookout point on top of the canyon. I was scared.

Walking back up from the bottom of the canyon. Many switchbacks.
It was a somewhat of a struggle. Glad we did it.

Old Faithful sprouting.

Left Cody, Wyoming on our way to Yellowstone. The gold colors of
the trees were imcredible. This picture does it no justice. It almost
looked artificial because of the brilliance.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day 1 & 2 -- On Our Way To Arizona

Oct. 15 & 16, 2010

Pudge has been so excited about going that it was hard to contain him. He has been thinking and preparing for the last month. Me--not so much. Not crazy about leaving this early but I am willing to give it a try. This is all a new learning experience so we will see if this works or doesn't.

Left at 12:30 pm. Went back roads through southern Minnesota. When going through Gaylord I thought to myself--I wonder where my aunt and uncle's farm was? I wonder where the roller rink was? the church we went to mass? When we went through New Ulm I thought -- I wonder where those Stations of the Cross were? So many memories from down there. We passed the Catholic cemetary and of course I thought of my grandparents, aunts and uncles who are buried there.

Got to Pierre, S. Dak about 11 pm. This was after we missed a turn and went 30 miles out of our way. We are trying to avoid the freeway. Climbed into bed in the back of our van in the WalMart parking lot. Yeh--I know some of you are saying, WALMART PARKING LOT. They allow it and it is not bad at all. In fact, it can be kind of fun. We were not the only ones there.

Up at 5 am but it was really 4 am because we crossed time zones. On the road and it is dark as pitch. Went to Wall Drug but it was like it was in the dead of night and nothing was open. Took scenic route through the Big Horn Mountains. Came very close to hitting a deer but with quick reaction from the driver (not me) it was avoided. Quick grateful prayer was said.

Got to Cody at 5 pm and we both took hot shower and relaxed some. Off to dinner and now we are back. I have missed this computer and feel really good about being able to catch up emails and facebook.

Tomorrow we will be in Yellowstone Park. I could write so nmuch more but I am getting weary. To be continued.....

Picnic in the Big Horn Mountains

Buffalo in Custer State Park

Deep water on the road in Tyler, Minnesota--not far from Walnut Grove

Saw so much of these corn fields in southern Minnesota--miles & miles.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tribute to Aunt Ginny & Uncle Alan

Aunt Ginny (Mom's sister) with her silly birthday hat & Uncle Alan

My Tribute to Aunt Ginny & Uncle Alan
On the Occasion of their 60th Wedding Anniversary
Patricia Soderberg
September 17th, 2010
60 years together with one person!! How awesome!!
The thing that I personally find impressive is how accepting you are of our family. I mean we were the Catholics, the cigarette smokers, the beer drinkers, the liberal Democrats, the loud and boisterous. My family even bought in others that were not members of the family but they thought they were. I think you guys deserve a medal for the way that you not only accepted Tony Dadey but it seemed like you embraced him and enjoyed him. I never got the feeling that Aunt Ginny had to hold a gun to Uncle Alan's head and say "Oh yes, we are going to visit my goofy sister and her goofy family." Nope. Never gave me the feeling like he tolerated us just for his wife's sake. If that is the case he has done a very good job of faking it. You guys have always been very gracious, kind and supportive and for that I thank you.
I wonder how many milestones you two have seen. How many jobs, houses cars, vacations, events, and the list goes on and on. I wonder how many mountains you have climbed, how many valleys you have walked through. How many sacrifices were made. Think about how lucky you are to have done it together. To quote someone (not sure who) "To love someone deeply gives you strength. Being loved by someone deeply gives you courage."
Have you ever thought about the accomplishments the two of you have achieved together? (Ask children to stand) (Ask grandchildren to stand) There is no doubt that these are your greatest accomplishments. Aunt Ginny, Uncle Alan, you have every reason to be filled with pride and joy about these accomplishments. This is what it is all about. This is what has made everything about your journey together so worthwhile. This is your legacy which will continue long after you are gone.
When you married 60 years ago you had no idea where the road was going to take you. Aren't you glad it took you where it did? I am.
Love you guys.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Catch Up

  • Well it happened again. I get on the computer with every intention of blogging and I don't get to it because I am doing other things. I think it will only take a minute to look something up and the next thing you know an hour has passed and it is time to put it away. Now, before I do any more on this computer I am going to do a posting. There is really a lot I could and should be writing about. Before I give this too much thought I am just going to go for it.

  • Health--We have both had some issues since we have been here. Mine has been the darn eye infection that was nasty and ugly. It was the herpes virus which I have had 2 other times since 1997. I kept hoping it was that I had gotten some lotion in my eye and I kept ignoring it. Wrong thing to do because it is dangerous and the sooner it gets medical attention the better it is. I asked if I could have just let it run it's course and the answer was an emphatic "NO." Anyway after 3 dr. appts., a hunt for some very expensive medicine, hitting it hard with drops 7 x's a day and applying ointment at night to soothe the eye-I have now turned the corner and it is better. Pudge has had a hard time with not being able to catch his breath at times. It was getting in the way of his golfing so he went to Dr. Crever (the son of a friend) He was given some kind of a treatment in the office and medication. It worked for awhile but then reared up again so he went back to dr. and given more medication. They also called him back for a chest xray. He now has an appt. in MN with a pulmonary specialist. I am suspecting COPD but that has not been determined yet.

  • We are starting to gear up for coming home. Every day we see neighbors and friends closing their condos and pulling out to return to their homes. Gloria & Jim are leaving in a few days. We are leaving next week. We both have mixed emotions about it. The weather has been so awesome. Our back yard is always well mowed and very well manicured and we do not have to do any of it. I have a nice clean patio because they just came and blew all the debris. When we get back home we will have to get out the rakes, lawn mower, & blower (now that is something to look forward to--NOT) and work to get the yard in somewhat decent shape. It will never look like this.

  • Tap Dancing-Today will be my last time until we get back next fall and I am going to miss it. Never did I think at my age I would be tapping. It is so much fun and the ladies and 1 man are so great. By the way-I graduated from a beginner to experienced so I will have to be going at a different time. Next year we have a big review that we will be gearing up for. The main dance for the beginner group is done to "A Bushel and a Peck" and it is really cute if I do say so myself.

  • Project- We decided to move the big huge air conditioner that was housed on our outside patio and took up lots of room. We didn't quite understand why Hazel (former owner) would have had it put there because this is a end unit and there is all kinds of room on the side of the house which is never used. From what I understand she never used the patio and it was probably cheaper to have it there. We bit the bullet and had the heating company move it and it has made a big difference. We love the patio and use it all the time and getting that big awkward, ugly thing out of there really made a difference.

  • The village is really great to walk around this time of year. Many of the places have dessert landscaping and the cactus and other things are all in bloom. I want to take some pictures before we leave because it is spectacular. The orange trees are in blossom and the smell is incredible. I don't know if I ever have mentioned that about a mile away there is a great big dairy farm with 6000 cows and often we can smell it. Most times I do not mind it. I think it smells earthy. Some times it gets strong and that can bother me. Pudge -- on the other hand hates it even when it is faint. Have not smelled it for about a week now.

  • Kari and Charlie's visit was wonderful. We did so many fun things.

  • I could go on and on about the experiences and happening that goes on but I need to get ready to go to tap dancing (last time this year)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Community Garage Sale

Both of us up at 6 am. Shannon is picking us up in her golf cart at 6:45 for the big Sunland Village East Garage Sale. There are only 2 days out of the year when the complex will allow people to have a garage sale and today was one of those days. They start at 7 until 1:00. Surprisingly, Pudge is all revved up about going. He will drive the golf cart but he also has things he will be looking for. We pick up Gloria and off we go. Oh my!! Every where you look there is a garage door open with lots of treasures spewing out onto the driveways. Some better than others. Clear sailing until about 9:00 then it starts to get somewhat crowded and congested. But not enough to deter me, Pudge or Gloria. Shannon has had enough. We drop her off at home. The golf cart makes it very easy. Not hard to park and very easy to jump in and out. Filled up the cart with treasures but we were not done so we had to make a run home to drop off and then off again we went. It is so much fun. People are great. Greeted many neighbors and friends that were also doing the garage sales. It is cold the first few hours but then the sun comes out and it is very pleasant. I failed to mention that Jim & John opted out of going which was just fine with all of us. Pudge is enjoying chauffeuring and hunting out golf treasures. Had to make a call to Jim one time when we came across a table of golf balls that we thought he might be interested in. He was so we had to go get him so he could look them over. After making his purchase we bought him back to his project he was doing in the garage. The three of us still had about an hour and a half of garage sales to go. I think we hit about 90% of them. About 11:00 things were starting to wind down. Some garage doors were being closed. We did find quite a few more and called it quits about noon.
So what treasures did I get--you ask. Beautiful canvas paintings of 2 Indian children by a famous artist. They are about 8 x 10 and very colorful. A very pretty small piece of art that is sand painted. Love it. A small metal bird with a nest next to it. 6 tiny pewter figures, a southwestern tablecloth, measuring cup, cheese slicer, a big wooden lazy susan, a nice stool, 3 large cups for serving soup. There were a few more small, insignificant items also purchased. Pudge got golf clubs which he is thrilled about, a small zip bag, a push broom, and old sheets that will be used to cover things when we leave over the summer. It was a very successful, very fun day.
I do need to mention this one fact. My tastes have changed down here. The country, cottagy look back in MN does not go down here. The southwestern decor is somewhat appealing to me. Not the pastelly pinks and blues--nope--can't get comfortable with that. But I can see where those colors are coming from. The sunsets and the earth have the same pinks and blues in them. I am starting to like cactus (some-not all), Indian children and the pretty ladies. Some of the southwestern and Indian designs found in rugs and pictures, the pottery, Kokopelli (I had issues with him but now I have to say I have grown fond of him.) For those of you who do not know who he is he is a spiritual figure- rather cute- and very popular here. He is all over the place. He is supposed to depict the god of happiness and fertility. Most of the time he is blowing on a flute and dancing. I found one where he is shooting a golf club and hung him on the patio. He looks really cute there. Now I would not be able to have all southwestern decor but I do want sprinkles of some of the pretty things I am fond of throughout the condo. They seem so fit and appropriate down here.

2nd load of treasures

Gloria and Shannon looking at a bamboo rug. This sale happened to be across the street from our condo. They did not purchase this rug

Gloria got a really nice set of dishes. Picture does not do it justice. They are Noritake pottery type, blue with a small southwestern design around the edge. She was thrilled

Pudge, Shannon, and Gloria when we first started at 6:45 am on John & Shannon's golf cart..

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Living Room

The living room was being used as Denny's bedroom the first 3 weeks we were here so not much was done to it. After he left and we collapsed the bed we went and picked out paint. Decided on Mesa Tumbleweed (how appropriate) which is like a sandy khaki. The woodwork was painted a crisp, clean white. We did not paint the ceiling. It needs it but there is no way we were going to tackle that darn popcorn stuff. It is miserably hard. We would like to eventually have them knocked down. It is going to have to be OK for now.
Then the furniture (what little we have) was arranged. It looks somewhat stark and empty because it is lacking pictures and some knick knacks but to be truthful I do not mind that. I like the clean, empty look. It really does need curtains and I am not sure what I want. Also, need some end tables and a coffee table and more lamps. And--I am rethinking the pillows on the sofa and the pictures hanging above it. Oh!! All these decisions can drive me crazy. But now I have a place where I can go and watch my own TV or not watch TV and have it quiet.
I do need to mention that tackling the living room did not come without its trials and tribulations. Picking out the paint color was an ordeal. Our difference in taste and trying to communicate what each of us wants to one another is really a trip. I do like the couch and chair. Those are slip covered and they are very easy to remove and wash. Also can replace with different ones when the mood strikes. Love that!! I am really liking the crisp, heavy, white, denim ones that are on there now. All in all it has been fun. Now I need to start thinking about the kitchen. But frankly, I am happy with the condo. Sure--it still needs a lot but I refuse to let that get in the way of my happiness. I want to do the activities and events around here and not spend all my time painting, cleaning, and fixing up. We do have a guy coming to put in new ceramic tile in front of the door. So far we both agree buying this condo has been a good thing. Especially hearing about the winter back in MN. We love to have company so the invitation is open to come visit.
The back of the condo. It doesn't look very private because of where I am standing to take the picture but it really is. Pudge is sitting on our patio and there is a brick wall separating from the neighbors. He loves sitting out there and watching the golfers.
The front of the condo. Lots of consistency and not much diversion. It is palm tree, orange tree, and so on. I have passed our condo a few times because they all look alike. It does make things look nice and neat.

The credenza bought at the store known as "The Dump."

Couch and chair was bought on Craig's list. Tree I got at the Mesa swap meet. Ottoman being used as coffee table-Ikea. On the other wall that you cannot see there is a sofa table with TV on it. I got that at a thrift shop.

Pudge painting the LR.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bits & Pieces

Just some recaps and thoughts.
  • There is not much I do not like about being here in Arizona.
  • I like the condo. I want to do lots of things to it--like painting, decorating, fixing and changing some things.
  • Mom is here. She came Monday, Jan. 18th and will be here till March 1st.
  • Mom bought herself a glider rocker which she loves.
  • Denny is still here. He has been here for 2 weeks. He plans on leaving next Wednesday. He is fun to have and really knows how to make himself at home. He has been going to all these car shows around here and is loving it. He comes back here with all kinds of stories and he is sure excited about everything he has done and seen.
  • Painted the guest room and the guest bathroom. They are a very pale green. Didn't have much time to really think about the color. Just had to hurry and pick. Bought new twin beds for the bedroom. They do not have a head board but I like that. Bought bright green and white bedspreads and shams, crisp white eyelet trimmed sheets and a warm, fluffy blanket for each bed. Bathroom has bright yellow rugs, thick white towels, & some cheery flowers. At Kohl's I bought a kit where you rub a saying on the wall. Denny helped me with this. I put it above the towel rack and the saying says, "Laughter sparkles like sunshine over water." It is different and I like it.
  • I have been really having fun shopping on Craigs List, estate sales, garage sales and thrift shops. The thrift shops around here are somewhat disappointing. They are kind of junky. Not nearly as good as the ones back home. But I still have made some hits--like a vacuum cleaner that works like a charm, this wonderful bathrobe that I wear every single night and love it, some glasses that were needed, some golf pictures, a nice dresser for the guest room.
  • Mary Beth is supposed to be coming tomorrow for a few days.
  • Terrible storm day before yesterday. Wind was terrible and it rained hard.
  • Gloria and Jim are well and good. They have been busy sprucing up their condo although they did not have to buy so much. Everything was left there. We went shopping today. I value her advice.
  • Pudge walks over almost every morning to see our friends John & Shannon. They have lived here in Arizona year round for about the last 10 years. They have a home across the fairway from us.
  • Love my tap dancing group. They are so much fun but I sure am rusty--need lots of practice. I am impressed with how professional and hard working this group is.
  • Today was SVE (Sunland Village East) the name of our 55+ community had its 25th birthday party.

  • Guest room completed--well maybe not completed but kind of done. Small white chest was bought at a thrift store. The 2 pictures are from Ikea.
This is the guest room before. This bedroom set is now in our master bedroom. The ugly quilt is being used for a drop cloth when I paint.

Our back yard. Pudge is on the patio waiting to cross to go visit John & Shannon and their 2 dogs (which he loves) Beau & Max.

Mom in her new glider rocker. She loves it. This is in the family room or what we call "Pudge's room." Pudge is lounging on his recliner. The couch, little tables, bookcase (not seen) and large screen TV (not seen) are all housed in this room. Also, the dining room is at one end of this room. The decor is "golf" being as we look on the golf course out the sliding glass doors.

Guest bathroom-bright yellow rugs cannot be seen. Note the saying reflected in mirror above towels.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Life is Good

Pudge & the boys playing one of their very many games of cribbidge
Denny & margarita in the Arizona room. No furniture yet. Had to haul out 2 dining room chairs. This looks out onto the fairway of the 7th hold on golf course. There are a lot of golfers that go by during the day making it fun to sit out there and watch.

Denny in the boys bathroom at Tortilla Flats which is a touristy town about 20 miles into the mountains.

Eating at the outdoor patio in Tortilla Flats. There was entertainment and the day was gorgeous. The drive there is breath taking.

Owen & Timmy at Tortilla Flats.