Saturday, December 15, 2012

Before and After

We have done a few projects in the condo.  Of course, it will never end.  But it does feel good to get these few things done. 

 This screen door going from porch to patio.  It was a pain.  Opened to the patio and if anyone was sitting there it would be difficult to get around them to get into the door.  Also hard if you were coming out with drinks or food.  Always using my elbow to open that darn door.
 This is from the inside of porch looking out onto patio.  Did not like the bars going across that door either.
 And here is the after.  We got retractable screen doors. Retractable means that the screens disappear into the housing on either side.  Part of the wall was taken out so it is more open.  This picture shows one screen closed and one open.
 Both screens opened and disappeared  It is so nice to be able to just walk in and out without struggling with the stupid door.
 Both screens closed.  We will have to be careful not to walk through them because they are hard to see when closed.
 Old microwave.  I am sure it is original to the condo which was built in 1992.  Still worked but it sure did moan and groan. 
And it got replaced with a white, new one. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Parade -- December 6, 2012

Want to get this posted before this computer decides to act up again. 

Community Parade was held here at Sunland Village East.  Used to be called the Golf Cart Parade but the organizers felt that limited it.  They wanted to see walkers, bikers, floats, etc...  I still call it the Golf Cart Parade.

This is the third year that I have participated.  Tape Dance group (The Sunsationals) decorate golf carts with pink which is our signature color.  I think we make quite a showing because we all wear pink sweatshirts and pink Santa hats.  It is really a lot of fun.  Pudge is a spectator and sets up camp with neighbors and friends in our driveway as the parade goes right by.  Chairs and tables are brought out along with the fire pot.  Hot toddies are made and even though I am not there it sure looks like fun.  Wish I would have gotten a picture of it.   Hard to do though when I am driving the golf cart and waving and keeping track of my passengers as they are hopping on and off greeting people they know.  The problem with being in the parade is you do not get to see the parade.

I thought it was bigger this year than last.  More golf carts, a couple of floats, a high school marching band.

Here's Minnie (my golf cart) in the lineup for the parade.  Notice the hood ornament- pink bear with tap shoes. 
 Linda and Darlene waiting for dark.  I may have said this before but I'm going to say it again.  It amazes me how punctual everyone is around here.  We were told to be at this meeting place at 4:45 pm.  I got there at 4:45 pm and was absolutely the last one to arrive. 
 Jan in her new golf cart.
 Glenda and Mary Lynn
 Nancy, Vicki and Mary Jean.  Vickie borrowed this cart from her neighbors.
 Gloria and Jim.  They got a new golf cart this year and participated in the parade with their street.  I wish I would have gotten a picture of their golf cart.  Jim looks like he belongs in the Appalachian Mountains.  This is about as crazy as I have seen Gloria get.
 The parade takes a little less than an hour and then there is a program in auditorium.  They wanted us to do a dance but there was no way we could.  We are just working so very hard on the revue that will be in March that we had to refuse.  However, we did do an activity that involved getting the audience to sing the 12 Days of Christmas.  We had to make posters to prompt them.  It was a contest at who could get their group to sing the loudest.  I had 7 Swans a'Swimmin.  My group did not do too well.  Although at one time the tuba players joined in which sounded really good.  It was fun.  This is Darlene and Linda with their posters.  Linda's is a work of art.  Mine looked pitiful next to hers.
 High school band that marched in parade and then performed a few songs in the auditorium.
 Here we are holding our posters.  Too bad that 11 and 12 got cut out.
 Minnie in all her glory. 
 Me and Minnie
 Mary Jean's cart all lit up.  Parade started at 5:30.  It was just starting to get dusk.  Once the sun starts going down it doesn't take long.  The evening was gorgeous.  Almost too warm for the sweatshirts and hats we had on.  We didn't dare take hats off.  Hat hair is not becoming.
It is a tradition that before the parade starts we toast with a blackberry brandy.  Ick--it tastes like Nyquil.  I made a thermos of peppermint patties and that is what I drank. 

It was a great experience.  The streets were lined with people who seemed thrilled to see us.  It was so much fun to be able to wish every one a Merry Christmas.