Monday, September 29, 2014

Tippity Tap News-Sept., 2014

Tippity Tap News

Written by:  Pat Soderberg

September 29, 2014

Fall is here and it is beautiful.  Colors are changing daily.  Temperatures are getting cooler.  Days are getting shorter.  Those are signs that I need to prepare for my “other life.”  That would include getting my ducks in row and relaying some info to all of you. 

It is going to take us a while to get to AZ this year.  We will be going the opposite way (north and east—instead of south and west.)  We decided to do the east coast and some of the southern states.  Leaving here Oct. 1st and plan on being in AZ the end of Oct.  


·        In the minutes from spring meeting it said that classes will begin the second Tuesday of October which is the 14th.  Mary Jean will contact Stephanie to see if that is what she has planned.  These classes are not mandatory but I would really recommend being there.  If you do plan on it you will need to bring $6.00.

·        Oct. 29th – New Member Meeting.  Alicia is in charge.  My goal is to be back in AZ by this time so I will be able to attend.  Other members are not required to be at this meeting unless you want to.

·        Regular classes will start on Nov. 4th (that is Election Day.)  Everyone is required to be there.  Monthly dues will be collected that day.  

·        Fall meeting is Nov 7th Glenda and Sue volunteered to set this up.  Times and place—TBD.  There will be a lot to cover at this meeting.  I will be working on agenda while traveling.

·        November 8th is the Season Kick Off-Discover Your Neighborhood.  We are signed up for this.  Will talk about it in detail at fall meeting. 

·        November 11th – We will not be able to use auditorium because of Veterans Day.  We have some choices of where to dance that day.  The Oakwood Room and the Rosewood Room have been reserved for us.  Stephanie also said we could use the studio when I asked last spring.  Decision will be made at fall meeting. 
·        Keep all of these dates and events in mind.  The details will be worked out.

This will be a busy year.  I am up and ready for the challenges along with all of your help -- even excited and eager. 

I have missed all of you.  Think of “my Sunsationals” a lot.  I am very much anticipating getting to AZ and seeing everyone.