Friday, February 27, 2009


It is close to midnight and I am tired from helping Gemma clean & organize her big storage area. Oh boy, people does she have the stuff!! Lots & lots of stuff. Nice stuff, junky stuff, odds & ends stuff, stuff you don't know what to do with, stuff that doesn't belong, stuff that belongs, stuff that means something, stuff that means nothing, stuff from when she was little, stuff from kids, stuff from yesterday, stuff she needs, stuff she doesn't need, stuff with a purpose, stuff laying around, stuff in boxes, stuff in plastic bags, stuff in a trunk, stuff in drawers, stuff from first husband, stuff from second husband, stuff from sister, stuff from mother etc.,etc., etc. Do you people get my point? Have you ever thought about your stuff. What is it about stuff? Any words of wisdom out there? Anyone want to talk about their stuff?

Monday, February 23, 2009


OK --Dear Readers, I am going to give you a fair warning. If you do not want to buy stay out of the stores. The sales are just too incredible to pass up. I went out yesterday (Sunday) afternoon just to scout out the spring & summer fashions. Of course, one has to go to the sales rack. Now I need to tell all of you that I really do not need anything but OMG the sale prices were outstanding. I would say as good as the Goodwill. This is all brand name, very good quality, expensive items. Let me tell you about the little jacket I bought. Last November Gloria & I went shopping and I tried on this adorable little jacket for fun. It was really cute but the price was like $139. Yeh! Right! Like I would pay that! Put it back on the rack--never to be thought of again. Lo and behold--guess what--yesterday same jacket on sales rack for $17. Now tell me would any person in their right mind pass that up. Wouldn't you say that they are practically begging you to take it out of the store with those kinds of prices. Also, doesn't the economy need a boost. Now if only I had a bigger closet.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Making Decisions

I do not like making some decisions. I often second guess myself before and after making them. I have to think of my friend Nancy's words of wisdom which are, "you make a decision and you then you live with it. " That makes it seem so simple.

I have made a decision and I hope I do not regret it.

Here is the situation: Principal called and asked if I would teach next quarter for one of my colleagues who is taking a leave of absence.

Advantages would be:
  • get back to the excitement and hustle/bustle of the high school
  • be able to see my teacher friends and other staff members whom I miss desperately
  • be able to see students whom I miss desperately
  • beef up the savings account
  • maybe I would get to eat lunch again with my lunch buddies, Nate & Eric.
  • the thought of going back to teach energizes me.
  • in spite of all the disadvantages it could be fun

Disadvantages would be:

  • teaching 3 difficult classes. One is a beginning class with 33 students and this class tends to have very needy students. It would be frustrating to both me and students because of large size and not being able to get around to help. That leads to behavior problems because of frustration and down time.
  • one class would just be seniors and anyone who has taught knows that having seniors 4th quarter is not a good thing. They tend to check out and don't think they have to work or turn things in. That leads to angry students and parents that have to be dealt with.
  • the correcting for these classes would be phenomenal. I would never be caught up.
  • 2 classes are Fashion & Design and dealing with broken sewing machines can take up a big portion of the day.
  • no days off until Memorial Day.
  • getting up in the morning and not being able to drink coffee leisurely.
  • hubby hates the thought and does not want me tied down just in case something comes up
  • weekends would once again be filled with chores and having to get things done. My time would not be my own.
  • would have to keep caught up with grades for Parent Portal and also having to attend conferences.
  • make phone calls to parents when there is a behavior/attendance problem which is not pleasant.
  • projects planned for home would have to be put on hold.
  • being so exhausted in the evening I can barely eat dinner and climb the steps to bed. (but then again there was something I liked about that)
  • having the extra duty of packing up classroom at the end of the year.

My decision was not to take the teaching job for next quarter. I still have the ping pong ball in my head going back and forth--wishing I would have taken it/glad I didn't take it. Now is the time for me to stop it and live with the decision.

Another decision: new counter top and back splash and what to get--too many choices. I think I have narrowed down the counter top. The back splash is another story. I tend to always go for something similar to what I have. Salesman thinks I should come out of my box and go with something unexpected and trendy. HGTV also says that same thing. OK--bought home an "unexpected and trendy" sample. I have tried to like it but I am really not comfortable at all with it. It is very pretty but just not me. Decision: install counter top and then deal with back splash.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

No computer

Our computer caught a nasty bug--virus and worms. It is being tended to but will not be able to come home for 7-10 days. We miss it. Right now I am using Mom's computer.

Just got back from buying Mom a 46" flat TV and hooked it up for her. It is so much nicer than her old one.

I will post more when computer gets back. It is amazing how much it is missed.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Week of Feb. 9-14--2009

Attended 2 funerals (Darrell Granger and Gloria's dad), dentist appt., celebrated 44th wedding anniversary with hubby, went to Savers and got some really good buys, spent time in library, met with teacher friends for weekly coffee, got to gym to work out (finally). Went to movie -- Gran Torino. Enjoyed it.

Not that any of you care what I did for the week but I am recording this for my sake. I consider this a sort of journal for myself. I have found I do much better on the keyboard versus writing long hand. Thank you, Mr. VonDrashek for teaching me to type. Never did I think what a great skill this would be for me at this point in my life. But who knew that computers and word processing would become such a way of life for people.

Today I am getting ready to go to Rochester to attend a Sweet Adeline's concert that cousin Janet is singing. I am looking forward to this because my cousin Donna's grandchild is coming with us. She is an 18 month old toddler. We are all going to have so much fun with her.

Sun is out today!! Still cold----10 degrees.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Well--I am still getting my life back in order upon arriving in Minnesota last week. It is taking awhile to unpack and find a place for everything to live. I also want to simplify so I have been going through and sorting and making piles. There are some things I cannot part with at this point in my life. Now someday I am going to make an entry about that subject so maybe I can determine what my problem is if it gets written down and analyzed. But then again---maybe not.

Had 2 get togethers with old friends last week. It was so good to see everybody.

Pudge is thrilled to be back at hockey and also really excited about being out later than 6:00. This weekend it has been solid hockey for him so I have had a lot of peace and quiet. I would go to some of these hockey events if it would mean being with him for awhile but that doesn't happen. I am usually by myself in the bleachers. Also, sometimes being among the parents and fans is not a good thing when your husband is the coach. And one other thing as long as I am on the subject--the parents are so young it is hard for me to relate to them. And one other thing--I don't mind being alone so it works for us. Everybody is happy.

Next week will be the week of funerals. One of our friends passed away Thursday. It was not unexpected. This would be one of Pudge's buddies. He went fishing, golfing and other events with him. We have done things as a couple with his wife and him. He was a wonderful guy and always so friendly and warm. He will be missed.

Gloria's dad also died the day after Darrell. Now that was kind of a surprise but then again it wasn't. He had gotten sick but seemed to be doing somewhat better. His health has been failing for the past year or so and he is in his late 80's so everybody knew that anytime it could have happened. Not that that makes it any easier.

Jamie and Travis spent the afternoon with me today. We had so much fun. We walked to GG's and visited with her for a time, made lunch and set the table with their favorite dishes and then we played bingo.

Oh!Oh! Just informed me that computer is having trouble connecting to Blogger. I hope this gets published before it disappears.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We're Home & It's Cold

After driving for 27 hours and 1600 miles we are home. Got here about 3:30 yesterday (Monday, Feb. 2) The last leg of the journey was not pleasant for Jim. He & Gloria both woke up Monday with queasy stomachs. Gloria's disappeared after awhile but Jim's only got worse. We had to make more stops than usual. Gloria was going to put him to bed after making him some chicken soup upon arriving home.

Not liking this cold weather.

Lots of things to do. I have things to unpack, laundry to do and groceries to get. Right away this morning I went for a much needed hair cut and color. Last night Pudge got on line to see what hockey there was to go to. His team had the night off. He was thrilled when he discovered there were 2 games scheduled. Tonight his team practices and he is really looking forward to seeing everyone. He really missed it--more than he wants to admit.

I am going to put on a pot of chili for this cold afternoon and start putting things away a little at a time.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Friday we said good bye to some our new friends. Cleaned condo, finished packing and put some stuff in the car. We will be looking like the Clampitts going down the road. We have our van packed with so much stuff and most of it is not ours. There are 2 suitcases, 2 Rubbermaids filled with clothes, a big donkey and cart, a microwave, a toaster, 4 big rugs, lots of bags stuffed into corners, 2 sets of golf clubs and there is more. Then for our last hurrah we went out to eat and sat on the patio next to a pretty, man made lake. We all knew that it would be some time before we will be able to eat outside again.

Saturday--packed rest of car and did some finishing swipes and wipes of the condo and closed the door. Took off for our journey home at 6:40 am. We went through some of the most awesome scenery the first 3 hours. We were in the mountains that were sprinkled with the Suguaro cactus and the sun rise was just starting to come over the tops. We climbed and went down quite a few times. We were in canyons and rims. It was incredible. Stopped the first night in Tucumcari, New Mexico. We did almost 600 miles today and spent about 1o hours in the car. Sweetie Pie (our GPS) gives us all that info and then some. Gloria got a call that her dad was put into the hospital. Not good news.

Sunday--up early again. We are all early risers. None of us slept well. On the road again. Stopped for breakfast in small town in Texas. Pudge & Jim got made fun of because of their shorts by some of the cowboys in the restaurant. The waitress's name was Flo and I am not kidding. Not much scenery today. We are in a Hampton Inn just north of Topeka watching the Super Bowl. Spent another 10 hours in car. Found out Gloria's dad is doing somewhat better.

Tomorrow we plan on being home. I think we are all looking forward to it somewhat--except maybe Jim--he still says he is dreading going home. Doesn't want to deal with the snow and slop. At least the weather has warmed somewhat. I do have to say it was tough leaving that gorgeous weather and I am going to miss a lot of things. There will be a lot to think about and many memories.

Signing off with anticipation and excitement about being home but also with a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes about leaving. Such is life.