Monday, February 23, 2009


OK --Dear Readers, I am going to give you a fair warning. If you do not want to buy stay out of the stores. The sales are just too incredible to pass up. I went out yesterday (Sunday) afternoon just to scout out the spring & summer fashions. Of course, one has to go to the sales rack. Now I need to tell all of you that I really do not need anything but OMG the sale prices were outstanding. I would say as good as the Goodwill. This is all brand name, very good quality, expensive items. Let me tell you about the little jacket I bought. Last November Gloria & I went shopping and I tried on this adorable little jacket for fun. It was really cute but the price was like $139. Yeh! Right! Like I would pay that! Put it back on the rack--never to be thought of again. Lo and behold--guess what--yesterday same jacket on sales rack for $17. Now tell me would any person in their right mind pass that up. Wouldn't you say that they are practically begging you to take it out of the store with those kinds of prices. Also, doesn't the economy need a boost. Now if only I had a bigger closet.

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  1. Maybe you could tell Pudge you are going to add on to the added on porch to have a walk in closet!! Just a thought!!!!