Friday, February 27, 2009


It is close to midnight and I am tired from helping Gemma clean & organize her big storage area. Oh boy, people does she have the stuff!! Lots & lots of stuff. Nice stuff, junky stuff, odds & ends stuff, stuff you don't know what to do with, stuff that doesn't belong, stuff that belongs, stuff that means something, stuff that means nothing, stuff from when she was little, stuff from kids, stuff from yesterday, stuff she needs, stuff she doesn't need, stuff with a purpose, stuff laying around, stuff in boxes, stuff in plastic bags, stuff in a trunk, stuff in drawers, stuff from first husband, stuff from second husband, stuff from sister, stuff from mother etc.,etc., etc. Do you people get my point? Have you ever thought about your stuff. What is it about stuff? Any words of wisdom out there? Anyone want to talk about their stuff?


  1. I LIKE my stuff. Case closed.

  2. But doesn't it feel freeing to get out from UNDER stuff? I love to get rid of stuff. Hans likes to keep stuff. It's one area where we habitually butt heads!

    Pat--did you happen to see that Oprah is having a challenge right now for people to get rid of stuff and organize? You can sign up for it on her website. The have a crew of new VW Beetle convertibles that are going across country to clean up people's houses.

  3. Rachel, I saw that show on Oprah. I was thinking of signing up for one of my chorus members. I was afraid to do that,as she may never speak to me again.