Sunday, November 30, 2014

Tippity Tap News-Nov.29, 2014

Tippity Tap News

Written By:  Pat Soderberg (President)

November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving is over.  We are progressing well with our dances.  We have the months of December, January and February.  It seems to me like things are coming fast and furious.  And that is probably because they are.  I want to make sure that communication is out there and everyone is on the same page. Some of this information may be redundant but I’m OK with that. 


·        December 3 – Golf Cart (Christmas) Parade Entertainment.  We are doing a revised version of “Rudolph.”  Remember we practiced it on Friday.  Not good.  We came to the conclusion we needed help.  That brought us (those that could make it) to Vickie’s house last Wednesday.  There we had a piano and some expert advice.  We made progress.  It never ceases to amaze me that when great minds get together how things can turn out.  Vickie has once again offered her house, piano and expertise on Monday, Dec. 1st at 5:30 pm. Any one that missed last Wednesday should show up.  We will get you caught up.

·        December 3 – Christmas Golf Cart Parade.  Line up at Auditorium at 5 pm. 

·        December 12 – Christmas Party.  Instead of practicing dances we will party.  Come at 9 am and we will start.  We eat, have our little game with gifts and are out of there by noon so the Jam Session can start. 

·        December 23 – There will be a lesson.  Show up.

·        December 26 & 30 – Do not show up.  There will be no practice or lessons on those days.  But you can surely practice at home.  

·        December 16-28 – I will not be here.  But trust me when I tell you that I will be thinking about “My Sunsationals.”  I go to sleep thinking about it and wake up thinking about it. 

·        January 2 – Publicity Photos.  Now this will be our first day back from Christmas break.  We need to be organized.  I thought about doing this on two different days.  Decided against it.  I know many of you have to bring a lot of costumes and it will get hectic, chaotic and hairy.  We can deal with it.  We have to deal with it because that is what it is going to be like for the Revue.  Start thinking about getting all your costumes and accessories in order for this.  Stephanie has agreed to be there to help us stage the photos.  Joyce will be taking the pictures. 

·        January 3 – Pancake Breakfast.  Volunteers will be needed to man the table and sell Revue tickets
·        January 13 – Stephani’s Studio for class.  We will plan to do some car pooling.

New Idea – I have been tossing this around in my head.  I would like to have a “tech rehearsal.”  Not sure what else to call it and Joyce came up with that name.  The Revue is going to have video segments.  Nancy has been working very hard to get this together.  I owe her big time for doing this very time consuming job.  The “tech rehearsal” would be Joyce’s script along with the videos.  I think it would take about 45 minutes--could take longer if we run into “glitches.”  I would like to do this on Friday, January 16.  We would do our dances only one time that day and then watch the “tech rehearsal.”  Another reason for doing this is so that all of you can see the show minus the dances.

See following schedule for all the dates. 






Sunsationals Schedule – 2014-2015


Wednesday, Dec. 3          5:00 pm                 Golf Cart Parade          Auditorium

Friday, Dec. 5                   6:30-10:00 pm       Vickie’s Party              7941 East              


Friday, Dec. 12                 9:00 am                  Christmas Party         Auditorium

Friday, Dec. 26                                                 No Practice

Tuesday, Dec. 30                                              No Class

Friday, Jan. 2                    9:00 am                   Publicity Photos      Auditorium

Saturday, Jan. 3                6:00 am                   Pancake Breakfast   Auditorium

                                                                           (Ticket Sale)

Tuesday, Jan. 13               9 and 11:15             Class at Studio    

Friday, Jan. 16                   10:15 am                 Tech Rehearsal       Auditorium

Sat. Feb. 7                          6:00 am                   Pancake Breakfast   Auditorium

                                                                            (Ticket Sale)

Sat. Feb. 14                        TBD                         Soup Contest           Auditorium

Tues. Feb. 24                      9:00 am                   Dress Rehearsal     Auditorium

Tues. March 3                     7:00 pm                   2015 Revue                     Auditorium

Sat. March 7                        2:00 and 7:00 pm    2015 Revue                    Auditorium

Tues. March 17                    1:00 pm                   Ladies Luncheon   Auditorium

Fri. March 27                        12:30                       Spring Meeting      Mesa Verde








Wednesday, October 1, 2014

First Day-Oct. 1, 2014

It was a long day driving.  Up at 4:30 to get the last of the details done as far as closing the house for the winter.  There is so much to do and a lot of it cannot be done until just before we leave. Picked up Jim and Gloria and we were on the road at 5:50 am.  I knew we would have more than an hour of driving in the dark.  I prefer the day light so I can enjoy the scenery.  When it did get light the day was cloudy and gray.  Got some hard rain for about 10 minutes.  Rained lightly off and on all day.  It is cold too.

Gloria and I fixed up our "spaces" in the van.  We know that this will be our "home" for awhile.  I have my bottle of H2O along with glasses and phone on the window ledge.  Book, magazines, pencils, blank paper, etc. are at my feet.  It is comfortable. 

The tree colors were awesome.  I know they would have been more brilliant if the sun was shining.  We stay off the freeways so we are seeing lots of rural land and picturesque farms. 

We stop about every 2 hours.  It is funny and makes me laugh as all of us get out of the car moaning and groaning and stiff.  We take time to walk out this stiffness at each stop.  We did breakfast but no lunch. 

Our goal was to get to Sault St. Marie.  We arrived about 6 pm.  Checked into a Best Western.  Got settled in with our small "motel bags."  Had a drink and regrouped.  Went for dinner and came back.  Everyone is settled in bed except me.  I will sign off and turn off light so as not to be rude.  I do not feel like sleep yet.  I may just have to go to lobby.  But I will try to fall asleep first. 

Tomorrow we want to be in Niagara Falls.  It will be another long day of driving.  I don't care.  I got lots of reading material and the ipad and my iphone.  And I love looking at the scenery.  We go through small towns which I find fascinating.  I really like how some of the homes are decorated with fall decor and pumpkins.

Good night. 

Monday, September 29, 2014

Tippity Tap News-Sept., 2014

Tippity Tap News

Written by:  Pat Soderberg

September 29, 2014

Fall is here and it is beautiful.  Colors are changing daily.  Temperatures are getting cooler.  Days are getting shorter.  Those are signs that I need to prepare for my “other life.”  That would include getting my ducks in row and relaying some info to all of you. 

It is going to take us a while to get to AZ this year.  We will be going the opposite way (north and east—instead of south and west.)  We decided to do the east coast and some of the southern states.  Leaving here Oct. 1st and plan on being in AZ the end of Oct.  


·        In the minutes from spring meeting it said that classes will begin the second Tuesday of October which is the 14th.  Mary Jean will contact Stephanie to see if that is what she has planned.  These classes are not mandatory but I would really recommend being there.  If you do plan on it you will need to bring $6.00.

·        Oct. 29th – New Member Meeting.  Alicia is in charge.  My goal is to be back in AZ by this time so I will be able to attend.  Other members are not required to be at this meeting unless you want to.

·        Regular classes will start on Nov. 4th (that is Election Day.)  Everyone is required to be there.  Monthly dues will be collected that day.  

·        Fall meeting is Nov 7th Glenda and Sue volunteered to set this up.  Times and place—TBD.  There will be a lot to cover at this meeting.  I will be working on agenda while traveling.

·        November 8th is the Season Kick Off-Discover Your Neighborhood.  We are signed up for this.  Will talk about it in detail at fall meeting. 

·        November 11th – We will not be able to use auditorium because of Veterans Day.  We have some choices of where to dance that day.  The Oakwood Room and the Rosewood Room have been reserved for us.  Stephanie also said we could use the studio when I asked last spring.  Decision will be made at fall meeting. 
·        Keep all of these dates and events in mind.  The details will be worked out.

This will be a busy year.  I am up and ready for the challenges along with all of your help -- even excited and eager. 

I have missed all of you.  Think of “my Sunsationals” a lot.  I am very much anticipating getting to AZ and seeing everyone. 



Friday, May 2, 2014

Day 3--Tough Day

I debated about even blogging about today for the reason that I really do not want to relive it.  But then reconsidered when I felt that it needs to be documented. 
Started out well.  Sun was shining but it was cold.  That's OK.  Just turn the heater on in the car.  We had plans to do the scenic routes through the Colorado mountains.  Pudge loves the Colorado Rockies and for the most part so do I.  Start heading to Leadville.  The scenery was awesome.  Many pastures sprinkled with cattle going up the hillsides. We see baby cows romping and playing.  I love the weathered barns and fences.  The snow covered mountains are just breath taking.  A rushing stream is following us as we travel down the road.  Looks cold but very picturesque.  We see lots of horses grazing. Split rail fences are so very neat.
 There are very charming, quaint towns that we go through.  It was all very bucolic. All of this was surrounded by the most majestic snow covered mountains I have ever seen.  It was truly awesome!! 
Oh!  Oh!  We start to see snow covered cars traveling the opposite way.  They were coming from the direction we were going.  That should have been the first clue.  We made it to Leadville which is a neat town.  Parked the car and walked.  Had coffee in a very neat little coffee shop.  It is cold and everybody is bundled up with heavy parkas, scarves, boots (there was a lot of snow, but it wasn't snowing--YET)  Had to laugh because Pudge is wearing shorts and a light jacket.  People were looking at him. 
Take off from there and start to travel up to the summit.  The higher we got the more it snowed.  Then we saw a squad car with lights flashing.  There was a car in the ditch.  I rolled down the window and asked if it was bad up toward the summit.  Her reply, "Yes it is."  Now even before this I was starting to get nervous. We both looked at each other and said "Let's turn around."  Didn't matter if we had to go back 100 miles.  I did not want to do this again.  Anyway, that was the plan to turn around.  No place to do it.  We are on a narrow mountain road.  Snowing and it is blowing.  Hard to tell where the side of the road ended.  It was impossible.  I certainly did not want to get stuck or go over the edge trying to turn around.  So I am white knuckling it with my rosary clutched in my hand.  I am trying to keep it together.  Pudge does not need a hysterical passenger to deal with as well as driving.  I try to keep myself fro hyper ventilating.  It is hard.  We slowly climb, do hair pin curves and start coming down.  IT WAS SCARY!!  Finally see highway 70.  Still in the mountains but it is a 4 lane highway.  Go on the ramp to get on road.  Car ahead of us.  Our car starts slipping and sliding and will not stop.  I am hollering "Lord have mercy."  Tears are stinging my eyes.  Mr. Incredible Driver throws it into low gear and brings us to safety.  I am not happy at all.  Onto the highway--yeah it is wider but now there are all kinds of signs flashing "Icy Roads."  Highway car is buried in snow when he went off the road.  Signs flashing "Truckers -- pull over and put chains on."  Long story short--we made it through all of it.  We did have plans earlier to go another scenic route through the mountains.   I screamed "No way!!"  Point this van north and east and get out of these damn mountains. 
Not done yet.  Now we are skirting Denver and signs are flashing "Dangerous High Winds"  Never have we been in winds like that.  We were getting bounced around like an airplane in bad turbulence.  How Pudge ever kept that van on the road is beyond me.  This lasted all the way through Nebraska.  Wind did start to let up about an hour before we stopped but it was still strong. 
We are in Valentine, Nebraska at a Comfort Inn.  We are both exhausted and feel battered and bruised from being tossed around in the van from the bloody wind.  Pudge is complaining that his arms are sore from holding on to the wheel. 
So that's it.  This was not even fun recapturing all of this.  It was a tough day--a very tough day.

Coffee shop in Leadville, Colorado.  All the other customers that came in were bundled up in heavy jackets, scarves, warm hats, big boots and mittens.  And then you got Pudge who was wearing shorts and a light jacket.  It was cold and there was a lot of snow but it was not snowing.......yet.
Squad car and car in the ditch going up the mountain.  It is snowing pretty good now.  This was where we made the decision to turn around.  Did not happen. 
The wind was so bad.  Neither one of us can ever remember it being windy like that.  Semi jack knifed from the wind.  No kidding--it was incredible.
Big dust cloud that we had to go through. 
Another semi blown in the ditch.  It tipped over. 

Monday, April 28, 2014

Day 2 - Harrowiing Day in the Mountains.

This will be a day I will never forget.  Not our best of days to say the least.  But one that will go down in our memories. 

We are on Day 2 of our journey home to Minnesota from Arizona on April 28, 2014 which is our dear Anna's (granddaughter) 16th birthday. 

OK-I do need to blog about Day 1 which I really enjoyed.  Day 2--had us waking up at the Comfort Inn in Farmington, Colorado.  Pudge had already mapped out which way we were going to go.  Me--I don't really care.  I love riding while he drives and it really works for us as he loves driving.  So off we go after breakfast and packing up the car.  He did point out to me on the map which direction and plan he had.  Looked good to me.  Take Hwy. 160 and then take a scenic route through the mountains.  So we take the said Hwy. 160 through some very scenic territory.  Also hit some road construction which delayed us a bit.  35 mniles into this route we see a sign that said Durango, Colorado-18 miles.  What??  We were not going to Durango.  Oh! Oh!  We took Hwy 160 west instead of north.  Turn around.  Go through road construction again with some delays.  Now we are into it about 70 miles round trip and more than an hour back tracking.  Now we are on the right road. We chalked it up as "live and learn."   Now he is anxiouis to get into the mountains which he loves.  Yeah--I have to say I really like the awesome scenery but I admit I am a bit timid because of the drop offs and steepness of it all.  But I deal with it somehow.  So we start off on this scenic route and it starts snowing.  We ask ourselves "Do we really want to do this in the snow?  We are in a very quaint, charming town ofr Creede, Colorado and see a Visitors Center.  We stop in and tell them about our concerns.  They more or less said "Not to worry.  It shouldn't be too bad.  Maybe the roads will be slushy but it should be OK."  So we start off with their advice in mind.  We go in and out of snow.  Sometimes the sun is shining and sky is blue so we think it is going to be OK.  The further up we go the worse it gets.  We are about 9000 feet and the summit is at 11500.  Oh dear, it is snowing hard and visibility is bad.  Can hardly see the road!!  I am trying very hard to keep my cool.  I am saying "Hail Mary's" and clutching my rosary.  Hair pin curves and very difficult to see the road because of blowing snow.  Road signs are almost buried with snow drifts.  And this all happened so fast.  I am trying not to relay my fright to Pudge who is doing an excellent job of driving but I couls tell he was somewhat tense.  At least I was not hyperventilating or screaming.  No, I acted like I was calm, cool and collected.  Truth be told--when I write about it now I think I am more scared about it now then I was then.  Saving grace was I could not see the side of the road and I do not think there were steep drop offs.  But like Pudge said later we could not see more than 30 feet in front of us.  I was just too busy watching the road and praying.  Now as I said Pudge is doing an incredible job of driving but there was one point when the van started slipping and sliding.  He shoved it into low gear and yelled."Pat, we screwed up."  Not funny.  I could not talk or answer at this time.  I started thinking, "if we go off I am not sure anyone would find us.  And if we did live there was no cell phone coverage.  I want off this mountain!!  When are we coming to thie summit so we can get off?"  To make matters worse he said "it is going to be worse going down."  OH NO!!!  Keep praying.  We started down and he was very cautious.  I realized what a great driver he really is.  I am silent.  The lower we get the less snow and the more the roads were clear.  After everything is said and done and we are on flat ground I told him how scared I was.  He replied, "that wasn't so bad."  WHAT!!  I died a thousand deaths.  I do not want to go on any scary mountain rides again.  He does.  I am looking at the map to check out the summits of the roads he has picked out.  I DO NOT WANT TO DO THIS AGAIN!!!!  Now I wish I would have taken pictures so you all could see how bad it was.  Did not even enter my mind at the time.  I was too busy praying and watching the road. 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Some Parts Of My World

Blog has been silent for awhile.  But that doesn't mean that life has stood still.  Far from it.  I like it when it is busy but I do have to admit that I savor the moments I get to spend at home.  Especially when I can use the time to just veg out.  Doesn't happen too often.  Maybe that's why I treasure it. 

Not even sure where to start.  I am just going to go through pictures and post them.  So there will be no rhyme or reason to it.

Here's hoping this goes well.  You know this darn blog does not want to behave sometimes. 

 Mary Jean and Sharon at the Soup Contest.  This is the winning soup that Mary Jean made!!  Oh!  How fun that was!!  It was a big deal.  There were 14 different soups that entered.  It was held in the auditorium and people had to vote.  About 300 people voted.  It was a big party atmosphere.  Karoke was going on.  An auction and door prizes, entertainment, lots of visiting was going on for 4 hours. We were very busy ladling out soup.  I decorated the table.  Can't see it here but it was cute.  Lots of pink (because that is our signature color)  Swags of pink net with little lights intertwined was on the front.  And my tap dancing, pink bear sat in one corner.  A very neat plaque that I got at our Christmas party with a touching saying about dance in the other corner.  Anyway, we won a very coveted trophy.  It is a big spoon and they had our name put on as the champions - 2014.  We also got bragging rights.  It was some work but so very worth it.  This was a fund raiser for the Pickle Ball but it served other purposes as well.
 Last March (almost exactly a year ago) we went to Palm Springs, California to spend some time with Bryan and his family.  They were there for spring break.  LOVE Palm Springs!!  This is our beautiful and very sweet granddaughters--Abby and Anna.  I have to do a double take to figure out which one is which.  They really do look very much alike.  And I am not the only one who thinks so.  Any time you are with your kids and grand kids makes it great. 
 My great nephew, Matt.  This was on Christmas Eve, 2013.  Love getting together with all of these kids.  Makes me miss my mom so very much when I see them.  She would have loved these Christmas Eves that Jeff now hosts.  I know I sure do.  Cry every time when I first walk in and see all of my family.  Do not get to see them much.  Maybe once during the summer if I am lucky and then once at Christmas. 
 Pudge & I went to Laughlin, Nevada last month in February.  Ate in this dining room overlooking the river.  The view was great and so was the food.  We also saw the Oakridge Boys.  They knocked my socks off.  Really, really good.
 Cousin John Addleman and his wife Ellie spent a week with us this March.  It was a great visit and so very glad they came.  We went to Eloy which is known for their skydiving.  This is the flight simulator.  They are looking at the guys that were way up at the top of this tube.  It is fascinating. 
 One of our Sunsationals is also the drama teacher here at SVE.  And she is very good at it.  Her drama group did a series of 3 one act plays.  It was so funny.  Some of us went there to see it.  We sat together and after had a group picture taken.  I love these women.  We had so much fun. 
 While in Laughlin, Nevada we took a trip to the Hoover Dam.  I had been there before but many years ago.  This is so amazing!  Hard to even get your head wrapped around it.  I cannot believe that people's minds can even think about this and then make it happen.  Pictures and words really cannot capture this.  You really need to see it to get the impact. Awesome!!!  I am standing on the dam.  Bridge in back is the Pat  ?  That is a feat in itself.  Blows my mind just thinking about this and how it got done. 
This is a day I will never forget.  We went to Luke Air Force Base.  There was an air show as well as lots of planes that you could tour.  I really, really liked this.  The Thunderbirds were incredible.  I had goosebumps practically this whole day even though the sun was hot.  This is our three guys--John, Pudge and Jim.  The four of us went around to check out all the planes while Gloria and Sharon held down our chairs.  I could go on and on about this.  The fighter jets--oh my!!!  The war simulation had me sitting on the edge of my chair.  Gosh!!  I so admire our military. 

Getting tired.  I could have put on many, many more pictures.  Maybe I will do this again.  But I know I will never get my readers caught up with all the goings on around here. 

People are starting to pack up and go to their summer residences.  Every day one or two condos are locked up and we wave goodbye to our neighbors/friends in their very loaded cars or vans and start heading north.  First of April there will be many more and end of April it will be a mass exodus.  I think out of our 128 condos there are only about 20 that stay here in summer.  Our friends John and Sharon started packing up today.  They rented just about 4 condos from us the last 2 months.  It was great!  Sharon is flying to MN April 2.  She is terrified to ride in a car.  John is not going to leave until the 5th.  He doesn't want to leave quite as early.  As a matter of fact, he would like to stay for the month of April.  They do have to get out of their rental unit so are coming here to stay. 

OK.  Lots more to tell but I am just going to post this.  I hope I can be a little more consistent with posting but I am not going to promise anything.