Thursday, January 9, 2014

Tippity Tap News-January

To my blogging friends:  This was an experiment.  And much to my surprise it worked!!!  I copied this from a file onto a blog.  I did this for more reasons than one.  I need to have this Tippity Tap News in more places than one on my computer.  Also want to document all of them on the blog.  This is the third one I have written.  I am going to do the other two on here also.  I wanted to see if this would work to copy and paste on the blog.  And hey!!  I finally got something on this blog.  It is always on my mind.  Once again I overthink this darn blog writing and that seems to paralyze me into not wanting to do it. BTW-Sarah Moffett--got the name of the newletter from you.  A while ago you did a blog where you bought Relia some tap shoes and the title was "Tippity Tap."    
Tippity Tap News

Written by:  Pat Soderberg (President)

January 9, 2014

It feels great to have most everyone back.  Do not ever think that you are not missed when you are not there.  You are.  There seems to be a big hole in the dances and it is noticed.  Not to mention how nice it is to see and get caught up with everyone.  Oh yes!!  There is no doubt whatsoever that each    and every one of you is so important to our group.  Do not forget that. 


Tuesday, March 17th – Evening performance.

Saturday, March 21st – Afternoon and evening performance.

This is later than usual. I would much rather have had it on March 10th and 14th.  That would have worked in a perfect world.  However during that week  there is a big tennis tournament at SVE and parking is at a minimum during this event.  And some of you may ask, Why not March 7th and 10th?  Answer to that is because of pancake breakfast on the first Saturday of every month.  So there you have it.  Thus it is the 17th and 21st, 2015.  We will make it work!!!


·         Friday, January 17th.  We are having our own soup contest.  Anyone that wants to should bring their soup to the auditorium when you show up for practice. Should be enough soup for about 33 tasters.  Please list your ingredients on an info card and place in front of the soup.  This is important as we have some members that have allergies.

·         When you have down time please taste the soup and vote on your favorite.  I will have ballots and a ballot box as well as spoons and cups.  The soup with the most votes will be the one we will enter.  Sunsationals will buy the ingredients for the winning soup. Plan on 2 large crock pots of soup for the Jan. 25th contest.

·         Saturday, January 25th from 3:00-7:00 is the soup tasting contest.  This is a SVE Pickleball fundraiser.  You pay $5.00 for a soup meal provided by Pickleball.  Then you would go around and taste and vote on the soup contest entries. 

·         The way I see it this will be a great event.  It serves more than one purpose.  We are showing support for another SVE organization.  We will be promoting our own club.  It is to be a friendly, fun filled competition.  And who wouldn’t want to win the soup contest?  It will look good on our resume.  We would have bragging rights.  And rumor has it that there is a much coveted plaque to be awarded. 


·         Each soup entry is given 4 free tickets for the meal.

·         Each group is provided a soup ladle, tasting cups, napkins,and garbage cans between tables,

·         We will have an 8 foot table that we are encouraged to decorate.  I do have some ideas about the decorations (pink, of course) but open to any thing others may have.

·         We should come up with a soup name that ties in with our dance and the Sunsationals.  Start thinking. 

·         Costumes.  They are encouraging it.  How about our “One” tuxedo jacket, black leo, pink bow tie and top hats with black slacks?  Think about it.  Once again I am open to ideas.



Everyone seems to be working hard at learning and perfecting the dances.  I appreciate some of you helping others.  It makes one feel good when you just pause on Tuesdays and Fridays and look around the auditorium.  There is so much positive energy.  And do take time to watch some of the dances.  You cannot help but smile.  SUNSATIONALS ROCK!!!!!









  1. Great post, Pat! I love getting caught up on the Sunsationals. I plan on going to a few of your rehearsals if that is okay.
    Now I suppose I better get something new on my blog.

  2. Love it Pat! Here's the "Tapity Tap" post. Oh my gosh, there's a video too. I can't believe she was ever that little.

  3. Yay, a new blog post! Good for you! And I'm glad your experiment works.

    I sure thought about you this week when we were nearly freezing to death. Thankfully it is over now and we survived.