Wednesday, March 27, 2013


The 2013 Revue - Thanks For The Memories--A Tribute To The USO had 17 different numbers.  Not all of them were done by the Sunsationals.  Dance United Dancers (from Stephanie's studio) did 2 dances--"Gee I Wish I Was Back In The Army" and "I've Got Rhythm."  Also some local talent from SVE also performed.  There were some fillers that took place.  All of this is to make for a better show plus allow us to change costumes.  
 Military Medley was the opening number.  All of the branches of service were honored.  I really liked this number.  I felt like it was a great introduction to the show and it set the stage.  Our most brilliant MC is also in this picture. 
G.I. Jive.   This had to have been one of my favorites.  It was such a sassy, upbeat dance.  And these girls were excellent with their performance.  BTW-this is the one that Stephanie (our instructor/choreographer) danced.  I would say she is the young one but because all of them look so young it might be hard to pick her out.  She is there. 
 American Patrol.  Catchy tune.  Darling dance with stomping and changing lines. 
 Toot Toot Tootsie.  Love these costumes. Picture does not do costumes justice.  Very, very cute dance and done so very well by this group. 
 Sing Sing Sing.  Sung by the Andrew sisters back in the day.  I thought these costumes were perfect for the dance.  There was a lot of swinging and the flowy dresses captured it well.  This group of ladies did a terrific job with this dance.
 Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy.  A clogging dance.  Lots of swaying of the hips and moving of the feet.  Loved this dance and I thought the costumes were perfect. 
 Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree.  Fun, fun dance.  Loved doing this one.  I could do this dance for everyone when I get back to MN but you really need the whole group.  If I did it by myself I know all my friends would question my judgment about it being cute and fun. 
 Jingle Jangle Jingle.  Cowboy dance.  It was difficult for me to learn but once I got it mastered it was so much fun.  We did part of it with a partner.  Got to yell "hee haw" and "yippee." 
 Opus 1.  This was not my strongest dance.  Very fast.  Took lots of work to get out lines perfected.  I never felt like some of my steps were very clean.  This is also the one that I screwed up for about 16 counts.  I know exactly what happened.  My concentration broke.  You cannot do that.  You always have to be thinking ahead of yourself.  I so desperately tried to make a recovery.  Oh well-I learned something from it.  But after working on something for 2 years and then screw it up when it really counts. AAAAARRRRRGGGG!!  And wouldn't you know it had to have been the night they recorded it.  I had to tell myself "five years from now is it really going to matter if I screwed up 16 counts of Opus."  NO!!  Even the following week it did not matter.
Rosie The Riveter!!  Dance captured this song incredibly.  It was adorable. 

I do not have a picture of the Newbies.  They did a dance to Pennsylvania 6-5000.  They wore a teal brocade vest with a sequin choker, long black pants and a black body leotard.   They looked so sharp.  There were 10 of them and the dance was very good. 

Finale was all of us coming onto the stage with whatever our last costume was.  We did a soft shoe dance to "Thanks For The Memories."  It was for just a short portion of the song.  Then the music faded and Joyce introduced each of us.  Individually we took a bow. 

If you ever want to be missed tremendously dance with the Sunsationals.  If one of us is not there for a dance it throws everything off.  I cannot believe what a difference it makes.  Even if it is just seeing that person out of the corner of your eye during the dance.  It can make your counts off which can really screw it up.

Well--this is put behind us.  We have already started on the Revue for 2015.  Theme has been chosen and we are working on the opening number.  And it is going to be good!!!!


  1. This blog post is perfect, Pat. Your description of the dance along with the wonderful photos makes for a perfect "memory," – just like the theme. I am so proud of you and all of your friends in the Sunsationals. You prove one can be retired and not "tired." Bravo!

  2. I have to agree with everything Donna said. It was great beyond words. I am very proud of you and it never suprises me to see you do the best you can do.