Saturday, March 23, 2013

Revue 2013--Thanks For The Memories

Two years of preparing.  Two years of blood, sweat and tears.  The Sunsationals take it seriously and we work very hard.  But it is a lot of fun.  It is experiences throughout the two years that I would never want to give up.  It is making memories that I will never forget.  It is stressful.  Sometimes filled with anguish.  But do I love it.  You bet!!

We had three performances.  March 5--Tuesday evening.  March 9--Saturday matinee and Saturday evening. 

 March 4--Alicia, Sandy, Joyce and I were at the auditorium early.  We had to decorate and set the stage.  Theme was USO Show.  Above picture is Sandy and Alicia straightening out the curtains for the backdrop.  Not an easy job.  Had to thread lots of these panels on PVC pipe for the backdrop.  Took three people--two to climb separate ladders on both ends and one to hold the middle as it went up.  Sometimes it was not successful.  PVC pipe would come apart and curtain would slide off.  Down off the ladder to fix it and then back up to get it hung.  Sigh of relief from everyone when it got hooked.
 Sandy cheerfully took on the job of ironing the buntings.
 Alicia and Joyce gathering all of the panels.
 Hung the letters "USO"
 Up go the buntings. 
  And then at the end of it all we admired our work with a glass of wine and chocolate. 

Well wouldn't ya' know.  Cannot get these pictures off and I do not want to add more without getting these off because I know they would publish again.  So to make things simple I am going to post this and continue with a new blog entry.  Not taking any chances of me getting frustrated and not accomplishing any thing because I have had to scrap the whole thing.  Stay tuned.  Another blog soon to follow.


  1. Great job of posting, Pat. Love the pictures and having been there it means even more to me.

  2. This was fascinating, Pat. Having seen the show, I must say your work paid off ~ everything looked very nice! Good job.

    I'll look forward to more blog entries about the Sunsationals.