Sunday, February 8, 2009

Well--I am still getting my life back in order upon arriving in Minnesota last week. It is taking awhile to unpack and find a place for everything to live. I also want to simplify so I have been going through and sorting and making piles. There are some things I cannot part with at this point in my life. Now someday I am going to make an entry about that subject so maybe I can determine what my problem is if it gets written down and analyzed. But then again---maybe not.

Had 2 get togethers with old friends last week. It was so good to see everybody.

Pudge is thrilled to be back at hockey and also really excited about being out later than 6:00. This weekend it has been solid hockey for him so I have had a lot of peace and quiet. I would go to some of these hockey events if it would mean being with him for awhile but that doesn't happen. I am usually by myself in the bleachers. Also, sometimes being among the parents and fans is not a good thing when your husband is the coach. And one other thing as long as I am on the subject--the parents are so young it is hard for me to relate to them. And one other thing--I don't mind being alone so it works for us. Everybody is happy.

Next week will be the week of funerals. One of our friends passed away Thursday. It was not unexpected. This would be one of Pudge's buddies. He went fishing, golfing and other events with him. We have done things as a couple with his wife and him. He was a wonderful guy and always so friendly and warm. He will be missed.

Gloria's dad also died the day after Darrell. Now that was kind of a surprise but then again it wasn't. He had gotten sick but seemed to be doing somewhat better. His health has been failing for the past year or so and he is in his late 80's so everybody knew that anytime it could have happened. Not that that makes it any easier.

Jamie and Travis spent the afternoon with me today. We had so much fun. We walked to GG's and visited with her for a time, made lunch and set the table with their favorite dishes and then we played bingo.

Oh!Oh! Just informed me that computer is having trouble connecting to Blogger. I hope this gets published before it disappears.

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