Monday, November 1, 2010

Follow up on Golf Carts

Just to add a few things to the fiasco on Saturday involving the golf carts. We arrived at John & Shannon's and inspected the golf cart and heard the story of how it happened. John was visibly upset. He & Pudge spent some time in the garage trying to straighten a few things out on the wrecked cart. Now what I am going to tell is going to seem very insensitive but I am going to tell it anyway. When Shannon & I started talking about the experience we got into a fit of giggling and laughing about it. Every time I pictured it in my mind I would go into fits of uncontained laughter and Shannon did too. But when John came in we had to be very serious because we could tell he was not about to see any humor in the situation at all. But he would go out of the room and we would start all over. Even now when I think of it I laugh. I mean it had to have looked like a cartoon with the runaway golf cart and the 2 of them just having to watch it. On Sunday John was able to see the humor in it also. He still was not happy but he did have to smile as we talked about it.

Our golf cart was dropped off at 7:30 am and we picked it up before noon. We were told that the cables were not tight and I guess it created friction and got hot and caused the fire. A hole did get burned through but there is no way you can see it. It is way under and the seats have to be removed in order to see it. Cost to fix $70.00. Not bad. I can handle that.

John's cart had to be picked up and brought to repair shop by trailer. I thought his bill was going to be $1ooo or more. Not the case. They called and said it would be about $450 and he can pick it up tomorrow. It will not have the windshield on it yet because that had to be ordered. When it comes in he will have it put on then.

Today John is laughing about it. He said that most people he has told laughs about it so that makes me feel a little better.

So it is like Shannon says--I now have the most expensive, bent up patio umbrella that I don't even like and paid too much for in the first place. Grrrr----but all is well that ends well.


  1. whatever doesn't kill you -Makes a GREAT story! I'm glad everything is okay and you all have something to laugh about now. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Send pix of umbrella!!!I could see the humor in John & Shannon"s experience. Good that no one wsa hurt.

  3. I'm also happy with the outcome - carts can be fixed/are fixed, and didn't require too much $$$. Here's an idea for your umbrella: why don't you sell it at your next garage sale?