Sunday, November 21, 2010

Life in Arizona

Love our fire pot that Jim & Gloria gave us last year as a house warming. Every evening about 5pm we make it a point to be on the patio to watch the sun set over the golf course. They are magnificent and every one is different.

On the driving range not too far from our condo practicing driving. I get thrilled when I hit a nice drive which is far and few between. Pudge has been very patient with trying to teach me the tricks of this. We also chip and putt on the practice greens. I like that better. Doesn't seem to be as much work but it still can be frustrating. Haven't been on the course yet but soon Gloria, Shannon & I are going to golf. I am looking forward to that.

The last night on our trip down here we stayed at Laughlin, Nevada. The next day we stopped at a Oatman, Nevada. They are known for the donkeys that roam the town. I liked the town a lot. It was a rundown, very western, cowboy town. The donkeys were at the edge. They were so cute.

Bryce Canyon in Utah. We hiked some of the trails.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Arch made out of elk antlers. I liked this town. There were four of these at each corner of the town square. The Tetons could be seen from here and they were beautiful


  1. What a fun, upbeat post, Pat! I'm glad you're learning the game of golf. It seems fitting!

  2. Thanks for the photo's. The fire pot looks neat. And you look great as a golfer.