Saturday, December 25, 2010

Night Before Christmas

Did not do as much decorating of the house that I usually do. Wasn't even sure if I was going to put up a tree being as we came home from AZ Dec. 18th. I was not planning on doing a lot of entertaining so what was the point. Well--I guess I am not quite ready to give that up yet. I still felt the need to put up some kind of a tree. No intention of doing much of anything else but when the boxes came out and I kept discovering things more and more went up. But to give myself credit where credit is due it was not nearly as much as other years. I also got the feeling of wanting to minimize things and stuff around this house. But I have come to the conclusion that is going to be an ongoing process for me. Sometimes making those decisions can be stressful for me. Sentiment sure gets in the way. I don't mind doing this for others because I am not attached to their stuff and do not have to make any choices. I mean how could I ever get rid of the ugly lump of clay that Bryan created in art class. Or the little pin cushion mouse given to me by my niece and nephew when they were small. How can I get rid of the coaches ornaments that Pudge has gotten through the years from kids on his team. Or what about the pretty dish that I bought just because I loved it. And then there is my collection of children's literature. I used to use these when I would do a teaching unit on the subject. Don't use them now but I do so love the pictures and the stories. Oh yeah--then there is the bird house and little table & chairs that my dad made and Tony Dadey's shelf. The picture of the 3 little girls that remind me of my mom & my aunts because it is in that time period. See what I mean. Maybe someday I can bid these items farewell but not today. Well--didn't mean to get off on that tangent. Back to the night before Christmas.
Table set for Christmas morning brunch. Theme was red & white and snow flakes. I vowed that I was not going to buy anything. Everything had to come from what I had and it did. I really had not clue what I was going to do until I just started doing it.
I have never tired of these white dishes that I purchased years ago. They are hexagon and from England. I have used them a lot. All the candle holders were in my china pantry. Candles and greenery were in boxes that just had to be brought out. Water glasses were bought in Czechoslovak when we were there in 1995. Stemmed juice glasses were Princess House bought many years ago. And then the mix of silverware which I love was all purchased at Goodwill. And do I ever have a lot of it. But I love it. Lace tablecloth from garage sale. Snowflake ornaments were bought for nickles at end of year sale. There have been some years when it is snowing outside during our brunch and it feels like we are in a snow globe because of being surrounded by windows.

Did not put up the big tree. This is 4 small trees bunched together on small table. I liked it. It was something different from the large tree usually put here. Not nearly enough room for ornaments but that was OK.

Stockings were hung and stuffed. There are usually 4 more but Kari's family was not able to be here this Christmas. We will be celebrating our Christmas with them Friday, Dec. 31. Mantle is very much simpler this year and I like it better. I usually have Father Christmases up there. This year--greenery and a big wrought iron candle holder with big ball candles. Little lights were tucked in the greenery which made it look like it sparkles.

Kirsten, Kit, Addy & Caroline getting ready for Christmas underneath the steps in the LR. Kit & Kirsten are doing all the work while Addy & Caroline are enjoying tea.


  1. Everything looks festive - and beautiful. Pat, you sure have a knack for decorating! Your energy amazes me, too. It was wonderful having you home for Christmas. Thanks for making the effort - and for your help at my party.

  2. Everything is so lovely. I envy your eye and enthusiasm for entertaining & decorating.