Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Living Room

The living room was being used as Denny's bedroom the first 3 weeks we were here so not much was done to it. After he left and we collapsed the bed we went and picked out paint. Decided on Mesa Tumbleweed (how appropriate) which is like a sandy khaki. The woodwork was painted a crisp, clean white. We did not paint the ceiling. It needs it but there is no way we were going to tackle that darn popcorn stuff. It is miserably hard. We would like to eventually have them knocked down. It is going to have to be OK for now.
Then the furniture (what little we have) was arranged. It looks somewhat stark and empty because it is lacking pictures and some knick knacks but to be truthful I do not mind that. I like the clean, empty look. It really does need curtains and I am not sure what I want. Also, need some end tables and a coffee table and more lamps. And--I am rethinking the pillows on the sofa and the pictures hanging above it. Oh!! All these decisions can drive me crazy. But now I have a place where I can go and watch my own TV or not watch TV and have it quiet.
I do need to mention that tackling the living room did not come without its trials and tribulations. Picking out the paint color was an ordeal. Our difference in taste and trying to communicate what each of us wants to one another is really a trip. I do like the couch and chair. Those are slip covered and they are very easy to remove and wash. Also can replace with different ones when the mood strikes. Love that!! I am really liking the crisp, heavy, white, denim ones that are on there now. All in all it has been fun. Now I need to start thinking about the kitchen. But frankly, I am happy with the condo. Sure--it still needs a lot but I refuse to let that get in the way of my happiness. I want to do the activities and events around here and not spend all my time painting, cleaning, and fixing up. We do have a guy coming to put in new ceramic tile in front of the door. So far we both agree buying this condo has been a good thing. Especially hearing about the winter back in MN. We love to have company so the invitation is open to come visit.
The back of the condo. It doesn't look very private because of where I am standing to take the picture but it really is. Pudge is sitting on our patio and there is a brick wall separating from the neighbors. He loves sitting out there and watching the golfers.
The front of the condo. Lots of consistency and not much diversion. It is palm tree, orange tree, and so on. I have passed our condo a few times because they all look alike. It does make things look nice and neat.

The credenza bought at the store known as "The Dump."

Couch and chair was bought on Craig's list. Tree I got at the Mesa swap meet. Ottoman being used as coffee table-Ikea. On the other wall that you cannot see there is a sofa table with TV on it. I got that at a thrift shop.

Pudge painting the LR.


  1. It looks great! I really like the colors! :)

  2. I like the photo's also. It looks very cozy, Pat.
    We are all very happy that you are satisfied with your Condo.

  3. Thanks for the new post and pictures! And thank you for including a photo from the street. I think it all looks beautiful! I really like the living room - sofa, ottoman, etc.

    I would love to come to see you, but I don't think I can until 2011. I'll be sure to get my reservation in early!!

  4. I just noticed Aunt Liz sitting on the front patio. Everything looks so "happy."

  5. It looks very nice! We have our tickets to come visit - arriving on Friday March 19 for a week, so pencil in "No Vacancy" for that time - or you might get the naughty note for too many visitors at one time.