Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bits & Pieces

Just some recaps and thoughts.
  • There is not much I do not like about being here in Arizona.
  • I like the condo. I want to do lots of things to it--like painting, decorating, fixing and changing some things.
  • Mom is here. She came Monday, Jan. 18th and will be here till March 1st.
  • Mom bought herself a glider rocker which she loves.
  • Denny is still here. He has been here for 2 weeks. He plans on leaving next Wednesday. He is fun to have and really knows how to make himself at home. He has been going to all these car shows around here and is loving it. He comes back here with all kinds of stories and he is sure excited about everything he has done and seen.
  • Painted the guest room and the guest bathroom. They are a very pale green. Didn't have much time to really think about the color. Just had to hurry and pick. Bought new twin beds for the bedroom. They do not have a head board but I like that. Bought bright green and white bedspreads and shams, crisp white eyelet trimmed sheets and a warm, fluffy blanket for each bed. Bathroom has bright yellow rugs, thick white towels, & some cheery flowers. At Kohl's I bought a kit where you rub a saying on the wall. Denny helped me with this. I put it above the towel rack and the saying says, "Laughter sparkles like sunshine over water." It is different and I like it.
  • I have been really having fun shopping on Craigs List, estate sales, garage sales and thrift shops. The thrift shops around here are somewhat disappointing. They are kind of junky. Not nearly as good as the ones back home. But I still have made some hits--like a vacuum cleaner that works like a charm, this wonderful bathrobe that I wear every single night and love it, some glasses that were needed, some golf pictures, a nice dresser for the guest room.
  • Mary Beth is supposed to be coming tomorrow for a few days.
  • Terrible storm day before yesterday. Wind was terrible and it rained hard.
  • Gloria and Jim are well and good. They have been busy sprucing up their condo although they did not have to buy so much. Everything was left there. We went shopping today. I value her advice.
  • Pudge walks over almost every morning to see our friends John & Shannon. They have lived here in Arizona year round for about the last 10 years. They have a home across the fairway from us.
  • Love my tap dancing group. They are so much fun but I sure am rusty--need lots of practice. I am impressed with how professional and hard working this group is.
  • Today was SVE (Sunland Village East) the name of our 55+ community had its 25th birthday party.

  • Guest room completed--well maybe not completed but kind of done. Small white chest was bought at a thrift store. The 2 pictures are from Ikea.
This is the guest room before. This bedroom set is now in our master bedroom. The ugly quilt is being used for a drop cloth when I paint.

Our back yard. Pudge is on the patio waiting to cross to go visit John & Shannon and their 2 dogs (which he loves) Beau & Max.

Mom in her new glider rocker. She loves it. This is in the family room or what we call "Pudge's room." Pudge is lounging on his recliner. The couch, little tables, bookcase (not seen) and large screen TV (not seen) are all housed in this room. Also, the dining room is at one end of this room. The decor is "golf" being as we look on the golf course out the sliding glass doors.

Guest bathroom-bright yellow rugs cannot be seen. Note the saying reflected in mirror above towels.


  1. Love what you are doing to your place! It's looking so very comfy and welcoming :)

  2. Wow! I love what you've done so far! It's so nice to see pictures - easier to imagine you down there in "retiremant land." Keep having fun!