Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Trip & The Condo

G Guest Bedroom - this furniture got moved to MBR.

MBR - ugly curtains

Going into the den or

Left Willernie, MN December 27th at 4 am. We said good bye to the cold, snow and ice. Shut and locked the door to the house after prepping it for our absence. This is going to be a new experience for us.

Drive through Iowa was horrible. Snow blowing and icy highways. I held my breath more than a few times.

At our stops for breakfast and motel stays it would be filled with retired couples heading to Arizona. On the highway we noticed many MN and Iowa license plates with older couples and their car would be packed like ours. This would be a dead giveaway that they were heading south for the cold months. I felt like it was some kind of a major exodus of old people heading out to warmth and fun. Sort of like the Joads in Grapes of Wrath looking for the "good life."

Got to 2311 South Farnsworth, Unit 72 in Sunland Village East in Mesa, Arizona at about 11 am on Dec. 29th. We were excited to see our new home being as we did the purchasing long distance and we had only been in it for about 10 minutes 2 times last winter. I did so want Pudge to carry me over the thresh hold but there were neighbors out and about and the ones that weren't out I got the feeling were watching from their windows. Also, I did not want to take the chance of any injuries should he trip or wreck his back picking me up.

Now I had looked at & studied the pictures of the condo so often that the realtor sent that I had a good idea of what were in the rooms and how they were. The key is turned and we walked in LR. Yep, there were the very ugly pink curtains that I knew I could not live with. Into the kitchen-quickly opened a few cabinet doors and my mind is racing--I can put this here and that there. Onto the FR toward the back of the condo. Not any surprises there. Just like I thought. Then the screened in porch. Smaller than what we remembered and dirty. MBR-big and mental note made-those ugly curtains will be going. Glad the walk in closet had bigger shelves in it. Guest room had furniture in it but we had plans to move that furniture in MBR. Lots of thoughts as we walked through. Some of them made out loud to each other and others kept to ourselves.

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