Monday, January 19, 2009

Still Here In Arizona

Have to quickly make a post. Not much time.

Last Wednesday--Gemma got lost around the complex and had to have some stranger in a pick up truck help find her way back to our condo. She was gone over an hour. She was looking for a rock to bring home and that's how she got lost.

Thursday - Willernie people -- Joan & Jack Casserly picked Gemma up to come to their house for a visit. The rest of us did some exploring. We went to a state park I think it was Central Mountain Park. We went up into the mountain and was able to overlook the whole valley. It was awesome. Got a call when we got back and Gemma was going to stay overnight at Casserlys

Friday--Gemma came back and we all visited for a short time. Took Gemma to airport. She left with tears in her eyes. Later, Jim, Gloria, Pudge & I went to Scottsdale. We were in some very nice neighborhoods. Also walked around Old Town Scottsdale. Enjoyed it very much.

Sunday--packed an overnight bag and a cooler for a picnic and we all headed to Lake Havasu where the London Bridge is. Then went on to Laughlin, Nevada which is a small Las Vegas. Spent the night in a hotel which cost only $. Mom gambled and won $45. The rest of us explored by walking the town. We did have a little train ride around one of the casinos. It was fun. Had seafood buffet for dinner. Waddled back to room and I went to bed. Pudge gambled and won $55. This morning the J, G, P, & I went for a walk. This town is located on the Colorado river. Also the ride to this town was magnificent. Awesome scenery. Had breakfast buffet and took off to go back to Mesa and our condos. I feel like I have gained 10 lbs. because of the buffets. I am sick of eating.

Right now we are in the parking lot of a motel pilfering their internet. Library is closed and we cannot get it at our condo.

Going to close. Weather is still great!!


  1. Better get back in the pool for aerobics, huh? It sounds like you are having a wonderful time and not lazing around much--you are having great adventures every time I "tune in". Are you taking any pictures?

    Keep having fun. I know you are like Donna in that respect and could make the most mundane dull situation fun. A trait that I envy!!

  2. Yes, keep having fun. I watch every day for another account of your adventures!