Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pudge & Jim

I feel like I have to document about these 2 guys.

Pudge is here with me enjoying the nice weather and he is loving the golf which he makes tee times 3 times a week. All the other times he has his ear to the phone getting info about his hockey team and he has to get the viewpoint of about 3-4 people about who scored, how this play worked, how the other team played, etc...... He says he doesn't miss it but Jim, Gloria and I know better. Right now he is visiting a friend that lives here. He also is having a hard time with the sidewalks being rolled up at 6:00 at night. Everyone seems to be settled in and not much going on. He is not used to that and is struggling somewhat. We have been faithfully walking every morning for about an hour. It surprises us how quiet it is in the residential areas. Nobody seems to be up & about between 7-9am. Actually it is very quiet around our complex all day. There are a few people around the pool in the afternoon.

Jim--he is busy looking at his pages of notes with all the info about condos they have been looking at. This man leaves no stone unturned when it comes to a large purchase. He is up at 2 am thinking about all of it. I have to say he is the epitome of an informed and educated consumer. He is ready to buy here. He doesn't mind the settling in at 6 pm. He loves the weather and doesn't miss the ice & snow. I expect them to be condo owners by the time we leave here. Gloria likes it here a lot but is struggling with the idea of being separated from grandchildren more than a month or 2.

They both are golfing 3 x's a week. Pudge went to a driving range to practice his swing. We still feel like there is more exploring and want to see a lot more around here and the time is going fast.

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