Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday, January 24th

Just got back from Dillards. Got in on some good sales. Love that store. Tomorrow Gloria and I are going to go to a different Steinmart and then have lunch at MiMi's which is a darling French restaurant. We ate there when we were here about 4 years ago and still remember it. Guys are going to Tucson to meet up with one of Pudge's co workers from 3M and of course, they plan to play golf. They would not like MiMi's anyhow. Too much of a chick place for them.

Looked at 2 condos today to rent for next year. Waiting to hear back from one of them.

Nice day--although a little cooler than last week. I think it was about 65 today. People are out splashing in the pool. I like hearing that.

G & I are going to have lobster for dinner tonight. We bought some from a road side stand. Guys will have steak.

Went to "cup & a buck" today. Everybody around the complex meets at the club house at 9 am. You bring your cup for coffee and donate a buck for donuts. It is a very social gathering. There are parts of it that make me chuckle under my breath. Today we had to wear name tags. Lots of people from Minnesota, N. Dak., Iowa, & Wisconsin. Everybody is retired and considered "seasonal."

Time for happy hour.


  1. How come you are having lobster after I went home?? Shame on you! I have an appt for dentist tomorrow.Still cold here!!