Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Days 9, 10 ,11 in Arizona

Today is Tuesday, January 6th.

What I like about being here this month in Arizona:

-The weather--nice & warm & sunshiny. Chilly in evening and morning.
-Different lifestyle
-Meeting many people
-Walks every morning
-Jim & Gloria

What I don't like about this month in Arizona

-Being without my own car.
-Missing friends & family back in Minnesota.
-Being without internet access in condo.

Yesterday, Gloria & I went shopping while the guys golfed. I wanted to go to Goodwill and Gloria so graciously put up with me while shopping there. Then to our favorite store--Steinmart. Got lots of neat things there.

Went out to dinner last night to Texas Roadhouse.

It was cloudy & chilly yesterday.

Today we went to Sunland Village East to meet with a realtor to check out condos for sale. No--we are not planning on buying anything. Jim & Gloria kind of have the bug. It is always fun to see what is out there and the prices. This Sunland Village has condos and houses around a golf course. I love it because everybody has a golf cart and they are all over the streets. They have parking place and garages for them. I also like the names of some of the streets. They are flower names. I would love to live on Periwinkle Lane with a garage for the Patty Wagon. But I think I would have some issues with being around all old people all the time. I would miss kids.

Today is really gorgeous. We had lunch on our patio with Jim & Gloria overlooking the pool. The sun was shining and it felt like life could not be any better.

Saturday, Mom & Gemma will be flying in. Mom to spend 2 weeks and Gemma will be here 1 week. I know we will have fun.

Sunday we went to a big swap meet. It was fun because there are many unusual things there. It is more like a big party because there was a band playing and people were dancing.

We have done some exploring of the surrounding areas.

Oh-Oh. I only have 5 minutes remaining and I need to check out some other things. I do not like that having time limits on computers.


  1. You're way too young for an "old folks" retirement village. Besides, I miss you.

  2. Have you considered taking your computer to a Panera or someplace similar? I miss the regular updates.

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