Friday, January 23, 2009

Random Thoughts and Things

Took Mom to airport this morning. She should be back in the frozen tundra by now. She had a good time here but missed her rocking chair. We did a lot and everybody around here was so kind to her.

Found out a week ago that Obama selected Alejandro Perez (Naomi's husband, Gemma's son-in-law) as special assistant to the President for Legislative affairs. He is now working in the White House.

Went to some famous golf course for lunch. This course is going to be having a big tournament with big name golfers starting next week. Tiger will not be here for it but some of the others will be.

Found out that Gloria & I really like Dillards dept. store. The sales are terrific!! It seems that we get in there and have a hard time getting out. It is big and so many depts.

I know I am in the land of old people. In most women's restrooms there is a sign posted about not flushing any sanitary items down the toilet. I went into a restroom here and there was a sign saying " Do not flush any Depends down the toilet."

Tuesday, Mom & I spent most of the day glued to the TV watching the inauguration. It was great. Now you all know that I voted for him and I do think he is terrific and he gives me hope. However, some people are looking at him as the Messiah. I think a lot of their expectations are unrealistic. I think that not one person is going to be able to solve this mess we are in and also it is going to take time. I think he is going to help but let's be realistic. It is going to be so interesting to see what happens and how he is going to go about doing it. I am pleased so far with some of the things he has already done. It is going to be fun to watch the little girls. I was not crazy about either of Michelle's outfits. I think she could have done better. I got permission from Mr. Blackwell to say that.

1 more week and then we have to pack up and head north toward home. In a way I am looking forward to it and in a way I am not.

For those of you wondering if Gemma really did almost drown (this info was from a previous post) --I am going to say it could have been very possible that she could have. The poor thing was floating around on a noodle and I am not sure what happened but her face went under the water. Now if she would have lifted her head all would have been OK but she really panicked and made things all the worse. She was really losing it because of being so frightened. I was not far from her in the water and I grabbed her and pushed her over to the side which was not far away. She was scared and sputtering. She mentioned that happened once before and they had to pull her from the pool and do CPR. I had a hard time relating to what happened because it looked to me if she would have just raised her head that would have solved everything and I am not that afraid of the water.

A little cloudy today and some raindrops and it is a little cooler--68 degrees. Because of that I am able to wear some other clothes. I did not bring enough cool stuff but plenty of warm clothes. Went to Goodwill and got some shorts, capris and light slacks and have been wearing those a lot. Today was able to wear a light sweater and heavier slacks.

We have decided that we will probably come back next year.


  1. A couple of comments: 1) I haven't liked anything Michelle Obama has worn yet. 2) Your mom (my Aunt Liz) is going to want to get right back on the plane and return to Arizona (paradise) when she learns our high tomorrow and Sunday is to be 4 DEGREES!! You couldn't have picked a better time to go away!

  2. A sweater in 68 degrees?? I probably had less than you on at the start of a race this morning where the WC made the temp feel only about 100 degrees colder than that. The race was supposed to 13 miles but they shortened it down to about 7. I wore one winter running shirt and a windbreaker with my tights - and was sweating! Everyone was pretty iced up though! It was in St Paul so it was kind of fun because all the winter carnival royalty were there and the Kates and others. Now you wont get that kind of fun in 68 degree weather! :-)
    The pond hockey championships are going on today also and the high will barely crack 0 on real temps. Ha ha you're going to miss all this fun!! (and I am sure you are sad too even if it is 25 below - NOT)