Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cruise-The Ports

With a little encouragement from my cousin I will finish up about the cruise.

1st port - Puerta Vallarta. Pudge did a golfing excursion that the ship offered. I got a van with other people from the boat and went into the town. We had been there in 1995. There were some things that were familiar to me. The boardwalk that goes right along the sea. The shops are across the street. I remembered that there was a big open air market and it was off the main street. I started to wander around knowing that I would find it sooner or later. I came upon a church that I remembered going into when we were there before. There were quite a few people there. I sat down just to take in the serenity and beauty. Of course, I watched the Hispanic people come in, genuflect and bow their head in prayer. There was a man saying the rosary, a lady doing the stations of the cross, another lady nursing her baby while praying. Then all of a sudden the priest and altar boys came out and mass started. It was done in Spanish but everything else was the same. I stayed for the entire mass and enjoyed it very much. Now my mission was to find that market. I did go into a store. It looked small but once inside it went on & on. There were many vendors in there. As you would walk by they would try to entice you into their section. They were pleasant. I find it fascinating and different. Most of the stuff there was very touristy and kitchy and not to my liking. I did buy a small Mexican flag. Of course you have to dicker with them. They wanted $6 and I got it for $3.00. I found the open air market. It was fun to look. I really enjoy the Mexican people. I walked back to the main street by following the boardwalk. It is fascinating to see the vendors with their wares walk the beach and boardwalk. I did buy 2 kites. They look like people parasailing. I hope they work as good here as they did there. I sat and watched sand sculptures being created. The guy was working so hard. He would walk to the sea and carry 2 large buckets of water back to his sculpture time and time again. Also watched fishermen on the shore. They were not using poles. It looked like a ball of string and they would just throw it out and roll it back up. One caught a blow fish and you could see it puff itself up bigger and bigger. It is only 1:00 and I am not meeting Pudge until 4:00. I decided to see if I could find somewhere to get a pedicure. I had one there in 1995 and it was the best I have ever had. I went into a hotel lobby because they sometimes offer that service. I asked and they gave me directions to one. I had no trouble finding it. Went in. It didn't seem too much like our salons. 2 ladies crocheting on the couch. I asked about a pedicure. The older lady bought a plastic dish pan with warm soapy water and put my feet into it. Everything in this place was quaint and primitive. I had an incredible pedicure and only cost $11.00. Did some more walking and people watching. At 5:00 met Pudge after waiting for him for an hour. I was going to give him another 1/2 hour and then go back to ship. Cell phones would only give us some Spanish speaking woman so we were not able to connect. Went back to open air market and then to a cute, quaint Mexican restaurant. It was warm and they had table fans that they directed toward us. I had a margarita and nachos. Pudge had burritos. It was good. About 7 pm we went back to the ship. We were to set sail at 10 pm so we got back in plenty of time.

Will post about the other ports at later date.


  1. What a fun day! I'm sure you understood more of the mass than I. Was the church pretty?

    Thank you for the new post. More, please?

  2. What a glamorous life Pat! Travel, pedicures...