Friday, May 8, 2009

The Cruise-Port # 2

Mazatlan was our next port. Decided to so the same excursion our new found friends were doing. It was sightseeing, show and shopping. Boarded a bus but we did not get on with our friends. They were on a different bus. Went through back streets and neighborhoods. I liked this part of it. You are really able to see how they live. Yes, there was some seedy and poverty laden neighborhoods but to me this is all part of it. Stopped at a shopping area and there also was a big church that we went into. Found a big huge market and really explored that. It was fascinating. Lots of meat being sold--big huge pigs heads, feet, and what looked like big sheets of fat. Everything was right out in the open--not protected under glass or any covering. Not sure if all of it was even refrigerated. It did appear to be fairly clean but I would have a hard time buying meat for my dinner there. I liked all of this because it is so cultural. I appreciate the way they live. That's not to say I would want to live like that. Toured the big church passing many beggars. Many people do not like this and I do have to say it is sad but as unfortunate as it is I am fascinated. There is a mother begging with the cutest baby. I so wanted to hold the baby and give her $ but I didn't and I am ashamed. Back on the bus to see the cliff divers. Drove along a narrow road with cliffs and the ocean is below us. The place with the cliff divers is swarming with vendors that immediately try to persuade you to buy. I made my way to the wall so I could see the divers. They were not super high but high enough. The thing that I was impressed me abut this was the violent, swirling water with crashing waves. They did have to wait for a time for this pool of water that they dove in to look just right before they went. When they did dive they high tailed it out of that pool like no body's business. I know that was the part that was dangerous. Onto the show. We hooked up with our friends and sat with them. It was definitely a Mexican show with lots of acts. I did enjoy it. After that we went to the shopping area. They push those charm bracelets (remember we got one on the Alaskan cruise) but you have to pay for the charms. I did not buy any. They are chintzy. I did get more of the free bracelets. I think I now have 5. Shops are fun. I bought a beach cover up dress--it was $10.00 and I got it for $6.00. Also bought -- now I hope I can explain this -- it looks like a big scarf with strings but you can wear it as a skirt around your bathing suit, a shirt about 3 different ways, a scarf on your head. The lady showed me how to do all of these things. So I bought 2 of them. I don't think I can remember all that she showed me. I wonder if I will ever use them. It is one of those things where you get caught up and think you really will use it but after I got home I am starting to wonder. Oh well, they were cheap. Bus only allowed us 45 minutes. We decided to stay longer and take taxi back. We found a great hotel on the most gorgeous beach and went to their deck and had drinks. It was incredible to sit there and people watch as well as watching the waves and of course, the vendors. I loved it. The day was gorgeous. Then decided to walk the town. Got off the beaten track and did some exploring. We like this town and its beaches. Back to our favorite spot at the hotel and I bought a mango on a stick. It was so good. The taxis are like golf carts. We hired one and had a great ride back to the ship. We both decided that we like Mazatlan.

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  1. I'm anxious to see pictures to go along with your accounts? Any chance?

    Please continue to tell us more.