Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Alive & Well & Busy

Have not been posting because I do not want to take the time. Too many other things to do. This will be short & sweet because I want to get going. Morning seems to be my best time. I feel like I've got the world by the tail and there is nothing I cannot do. By evening that fades and being weary and tired things do not go as well.

Still dealing with kitchen. Waiting for back splash guy to come and put it in. Finally made a decision after agonizing over it. Brief description of what is going on in the kitchen--composite stone counter top, sink and faucet were installed. Counter top is very simple--off white with a very tiny fleck, granite sink matches very well and it is an under mount which I like, wall paper was stripped (that was a job, let me tell you). I still liked the wall paper that we took off but it was dated. Painted the walls a very cheery yellow which I like. Fresh coat of white paint was applied over the woodwork. Back splash is as follows: white subway tiles, ropey tile which is about the size of a pencil, 2 rows of small cobalt blue squares, ropey tile again (so it kind of frames the blue squares) and then the rest will be the subway tiles. Now if only I could get pictures on this blog I would be able to show the before and after (if it ever gets done.) Now I am into cleaning and scrubbing. Now those of you who have done a project knows that the other parts of the house goes to hell in a hand basket. I do have to mention how well Pudge has been handling most of this--not great, but well. Butted heads a few times--but nothing like it could have been. He has been cooperative and sometimes even pleasant about this. He is busy with other little projects that need to be done. This is not his thing--never has been and never will be. But once again, he has surprised me.

I need to get going. Days go by so fast.

Oh I forgot to mention the curtains which I have bought material and will be making. It will be just a valance and it is what I think is kind of "cutting edge" as they would say on HGTV. They are a bright cherry red paisley. Hope this all looks good when it is all said & done.

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  1. Please call me sometime and I'll try to talk you through the process of posting photos. I don't claim to be a blog expert, but I know how to add picture.

    The kitchen plans sound wonderful!!