Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Cruise - Port # 3

Cabo San Lucas. There was no harbor for ship to port so we were brought to shore on smaller boats. We decided to do an excursion with the other 2 couples who have become our friends. It was a Sea and Land. After getting to shore we were put into lines and got on smaller boats. We went out for a ways until we came to beautiful rock formations coming from the ocean. It really was awesome. The waves were crashing against these rocks which made it even more incredible. Then we went to shore and boarded buses. First to a glass blowing factory. It was interesting. Got to see them blow glass. Then to a cactus farm. That was OK. Then they took us to a beautiful hotel high in the hills overlooking the ocean. The sight was so beautiful it was almost surreal. Spent some time there. Took pictures of the 6 of us. Boarded bus again and drove about 17 miles to a town for shopping. It was kind of a high buck town. Shops were classy and expensive. The only thing we bought was some tea that the guide talked about and ice cream cones. Then the bus was going to bring us back to the boats to get on ship. We had about an hour before we had to be back so Pudge & I asked to be dropped off in the town. Bill and Nancy also came with us. Nancy wanted to find a certain Tshirt shop that her adult boys requested she bring them. The name of the shop was Cabo Wabo. I had never heard of it but it was really popular. One of the singers from Led Zeppelin's band (I think that was the band) started this shop which also was a bar and a lot was happening. We did not have much time so we found our way to the ocean and found out we could walk to where the boats would pick us up. We had planned to take a taxi. The walk was very pleasant. It was like a boardwalk that wound its way around. Many vendors and interesting people. Had to wait in line for some of the boats to get us back because it was nearing the time everyone had to be back. We enjoyed Cabo but did not have much time there.

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  1. Too bad they didn't let you do some glass-blowing at the factory. Blowing glass in Alaska was one part of our cruise that I loved.

    How fun to go with new friends to new destinations.