Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Continuance of Cruise

Not sure what happened but previous post got published before it was completed. The only thing I can figure is as my fingers were flying around the key board the curser must have gotten on "publish post" somehow. Oh well I will continue.

Cruise did not start out too well--
  • Not nearly the activites as Royal Carribean
  • Pudge got sea sick the first day--fell asleep in the sun and got burnt to a crisp. He is suffering somewhat.
  • Too many smoking areas that we have to walk through to get to other places.
  • Elevators slow.
  • Nasty, mean, ornery, hateful man at our table. I had a viewpoint he did not like and he was not only rude and inappropriate to me but downright nasty and ugly.

Good things about the cruise--

  • 2 other couples at our table are really fun and great.
  • Sun is shining all the time and it feels good
  • Great people watching
  • Lots of choices of places to get food.

Going to bed. Will post more later.


  1. Poor Pudge, sunburned and seasick. That doesn't sound like a good combination! I don't know very much about cruising, are you assigned to a table with the same people every day? I'm sorry you got stuck with such a curmudgeon...!

  2. It's too bad you had an encounter with someone so rude, nasty, and ugly. Perhaps he shouldn't have been on a cruise. I love all of your details. I feel sorry for Pudge.

  3. Thanks for the continuation of your account. Did Pudge tell you I called the other day and he gave me his take on the cruise, which I thought was very interesting?

    Did you like your room? Did you get a room with a window? Were the shops good?

  4. Donna, the room was not a whole lot different than the one we had. It was very similar. It did not have a window. I didn't think the shops on the ship were that good. Also the shops at the ports we stopped at weren't that great. It may be because I am not that crazy about Mexican stuff.