Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Part 1 - The Cruise

Today is Saturday, April 25th. It is our last day on the boat. We will be sailing all day and night and be in Long Beach, Calif. tomorrow morning. Our flight home is at 3:00 and we are thinking we will be home about 10 pm.

On Sunday, April 19th we went to cruise terminal and dropped off luggage. Then off to Beverly Hills to check out the many mansions. I had found addresses of some of the stars homes so we put them into Sweetie (our GPS) and found some.l Jennifer Aniston's home is so tightly secure that you could not see anything--high hedges, solid gates, walls, security cameras along the walls and gates so needless to say we did not see too much. Then on to find Doris Day's place. If that truly was her place I was very surprised. It was ugly. Nothing attractive about it at all--it looked like the house was made out of old gray cinder blocks. It was behind a wrought iron gate so I was able to take a picture through the bars. It was so bad that it makes me wonder if that was really her house.

We did a lot of driving around Beverly Hills. The flowers, yards, homes, and mansions were something to see. We found a nice French restaurant and had a wonderful breakfast on their deck. It is so great to be able to eat outside in nice weather. Back to Long Beach to return our rental car. Thank God we did this early enogh because had some issues with traffic(big Gran Prix race was going on) and where to put the car. Grabbed a shuttle bus and got to the terminal. The historic Queen Mary is docked there so we were able to go on and look around. Also had a glass of wine on one of their decks and was able to see fighter planes go over for the opening of the Gran Prix races. It was awesome.

Cruise didn't start out too well--
  • do not like this ship as well as Royal Carribbean. Very much a party ship and geared toward young crowd.
  • can't stand the music by the pools. Too loud, obnoxious and

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