Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter and Random

Have lots to do but decided to take time to blog a few things.

Easter prep continues. This list is more for my sake than for the readers.
Things that need to still be done:
-set table
-finish filling 12 more eggs
-pick up birthday cards, sign & seal them
-clean Patty Wagon and "spring" it up
-prepare salad, potato dish, and casserole
-run errands (pick up some necessary items)
-try to clean house somewhat. It is hard to do because workmen are still doing their thing.
-boil and dye eggs
-go to Holy Saturday service
-need to find bigger baskets from my basket collection

Things that are already done:
-fun items wrapped and color coded for kids hunt
-have filled 52 eggs
-made little centerpieces for table as well as a big one.
-bought all groceries for Easter dinner
-found the bunny ears

There is more and I will mentally add to the lists. None of this is really hard or a chore for me. I enjoy doing it. Especially now that I have more time and do not feel the pressure of work.

Glad it is supposed to be nice today and tomorrow. People are out and about by the hundreds every where you go. I know it is because we have all been starved for sun & warmth.

Attended a service at Eagle Brook church last night. Picked up Mom & Gemma. Sinead (Gemma's daughter) works there and invited us. I am so glad I went. Sinead had a video done. It was Sinead: My Story. It was incredible. It left me awestruck and emotional. The service was a lot different from the Catholic ones I am used to. There was a band playing (guitars, keyboard and I don't know what else) that was more of a performance than anything. Sinead's fiance plays in that band. It was packed. I did enjoy it but didn't feel anything like church to me.

Work is going on in my house and of course that makes everything chaotic. Nothing seems to be in the right place and the dust is enough to choke a horse. The entryway should be completed by the workmen today but then we will have to paint and possibly replace the molding around doors and floor. But then I just got word that the countertop has arrived and will be delivered Monday. We are still waiting for the sink to come in. They want to install as soon as possible. That means kitchen will be a disaster area.

We are leaving Friday, April 17th for LA and our cruise. I am looking forward to it. Have most of my clothes laying on spare bed ready to be put in suitcase.

Many birthdays this month. We will celebrate and sing Happy Birthday 6 times on Easter Sunday.

Big SWAT team bust in my neighborhood last week. Those of you with facebook know about it. It was scary, exciting and interesting. There were 2 sheriffs cars, 7 unmarked squads, about 9 officers in bullet proof vests with guns drawn, sniffing dog, cars torn apart, house stormed, man in hand cuffs. This went on for about 4 hours. I wanted to go over to see what the matter was but Pudge said no--not with all those guns out. He was probably right. Anyway the next day I noticed several men out in street and it looked like they were just wrapping up loose ends so I went over and asked if we as neighbors should be concerned. He said that the problem was an illegal immigrant. The people in the house just rented it a week ago. It appeared to me it was 3 Hispanic men. Officer said that they were legal and a relative that was illegal came. The "legals" called the police because they do not want to jeopardize their status. Now it seems to me that for what I was told and what they did was a little overkill. I mean really. So in my way of thinking I am sure I am not being told the whole story. Or maybe they thought it was going to be a bigger thing than what it was and they were using all precautions. We will probably never know.

I really have to try to put pictures on this blog. I really don't know what I am doing and I know once I start trying it could mean spending a couple of hours on this computer which I am not willing to do.

OMG!! See it is almost 10:00. I cannot believe how fast time goes.

Workman here and sanding and clouds of dust are penetrating everything.

Happy Easter, everyone!!


  1. Dear Pat, how I would love to see your table and join in your Easter egg hunt. I'd even wear the ears! I hope you, Aunt Liz, Brian, Kari, Abby and Anna - and Brian's dog (I think I got it right) have a wonderful Birthday celebration with your Easter dinner. And enjoy your cruise!

  2. Wow, yeah for an illegal immigrant that seems like a lot more than necessary. If it was also some kind of drug bust or they had a tip that he/she was armed, I could see it. I have to say that it made me smile to imagine you wandering over to ask what was going on. Glad you listened to Pudge! Happy Easter and enjoy your cruise...we look forward to hearing your stories when you get back.