Sunday, December 21, 2008

Trial Test

OK-- I have been wanting to get into the world of bloggers. I am hoping this will all come together and work. Thanks to Donna for helping me walk through this--but I do not feel like it is successful yet until I know it has come to people. I also have to get the blog email address to everyone and see if that works.

Readers--be aware this is "Pat's World." It is how I see and interpret things. Anything written will be not open to criticism. Anything written can be open to discussion. However, dear spouse of mine, sometimes it will be detailed and I know how you do not like a lot of my "what you consider unimportant details. ". Fair warning--do not read if it bothers you. It will be yours and anybody elses choice. With that said I am going to publish this post and see if it is successful.

More posts will follow.


  1. Way to go, Pat! I will be so anxious to read about things in "your world." :-)

  2. Hooray! I can't wait to "peek" into your world.
    Welcome to the ranks of the bloggers!

  3. Great!!It worked!! I like the title.Love Mom