Sunday, December 28, 2008

Day 2 - On Our Way to Arizona

Thanks to everyone who voted. We sure had fun with that.

Everybody awake at 6 am. Of course, as usual Pudge and Gloria are the first to get up and right away they start moving. Jim & I lay for awhile contemplating the day. This is what we do and what we have done for a lot of years.

Breakfast at motel which was the Fairfield Inn in Topeka, Kansas. I am going to complain about the styrofoam plates and the flimsy plastic fork and knife. I hate them. You cut your waffle and it slices through the plate. You go to stab a piece of food and the fork breaks. Grrr.

Cold and snow greeted us as we walked out to the car. We are heading to Oklahoma City. Sun is shining. Roads are very good. The scenery was lots of open range. It was quite amazing because there were ice beads all over the trees making them glisten like diamonds and the fields were ice encrusted and with the sun rising it was quite spectacular. We also saw a lot of oil pumps in the fields.

1st stop was just a stretch break. 2nd stop was the National Cowboy Museum. Jim had heard from a friend that it was good. Now I have to tell you that I am not really into cowboys but this was certainly worth my while. It was great!! The art work was breathtaking. We spent about 2 hours there and enjoyed every minute of it. They had a display on old time western movies. There were many that I remember watching as a child. Many I had forgotten. Do any of you remember Death Valley Days, Have Gun Will Travel, Wagon Train, The Big Valley with Barbara Stanwyck?

3rd stop - Oklahoma Federal Building Bombing Memorial. That was definitely worth it. They have a reflective pond and next to it there is a garden of chairs that state the victim's name. They have small ones representing the children that were in the day care that were killed. There were teddy bears on 2 of them. This was touching.

Okay dear readers, there are many complaints coming from both sides of me. Pudge on one side and Jim on the other--they do not like the idea that I am typing so much. Pudge is commenting on the details. He has never read my first blog where it states that there will be no comments made by my dear spouse about minute details. I guess I will have to read that to him. Jim seems to think I have too much time on my hands. Do we care? NO!!

It is about 3:30 and we start heading toward Amarillo. I have my nose buried in my book. The title is We Were the Mulvaneys. It is one of Oprah's books. It is OK. It is interesting enough to keep me captivated but it is not "knocking my socks off."

Shamrock, Texas is where we stopped to spend the night at about 6:3o pm. We are about 100 miles from Amarillo. Check into hotel and then we went to find a restaurant. There is only one open because it is Sunday night. Well I have to tell you this restaurant did not have the word "redneck" any where written but it might as well have. Everything depicted it--the clientele, the waitresses, the menu, the food, the building even the pickup trucks in the parking lot. I was not able to see if they had rifles in their back windows but it would not have surprised me if it did.

It is 9:30 and everybody is in bed. Guys are watching TV and I guess Gloria is too and I am blogging. Tomorrow it is on to New Mexico and Albquerque and Santa Fe.

I thought about my family yesterday when they were to be all together.

Going to close. Good Night.


  1. Pat, I'm so glad you have started blogging. It feels as though we are taking the journey with you!

    How nice that you all have different interests and are willing to take in the places of your desires. Otherwise, think of what you may be missing out on.

    Heidi could tell you her impressions of the Oklahoma Federal Building. She saw it at night and each glass chair was illuminated. It was very moving. It makes me want to see it also.

    We sure missed you on Saturday. Thanks for decorating the table before you left and for loaning us the fun head gear. If you check my blog, you will see it being modeled.

    Continue to have a fun, safe vacation. Keep posting. Your readers want to stay updated!

  2. Hi Pat,

    You are a great blogger. It's fun to read all of your details.

    Take care!

  3. Pat, I have my atlas out and next to my computer so I can follow along with you. I'm glad you are all enjoying the stops you make along the way. I have always wanted to go to Oklahoma City to the memorial site. Everyone who has been there says it is very touching.

    You are doing a great job of blogging. Keep up the good work.