Monday, December 29, 2008

Day 3 - On Our Way to Arizona

OK--Before I start I need to say thank you, thank you, thank you for the positive comments. After hearing so much griping from the 2 males I was starting to lose my confidence. The comments were so much appreciated. I read them to everyone and said "at least someone likes my blogs." I felt real cocky reading it to them and I almost said "nener, nener, nener" to them but I restrained.

Everybody awake before 5:30 am. Poor Pudge had been up since 4 am and was in the lobby with the laptop. When we all woke I was able to go get him and tell him he could come home. Gloria was all dressed, makeup on and packed by 6 am. Of course, Jim & I are the last ones but everybody was at breakfast by 6:30.

Heading to Amarillo. We made a switch. I rode with Gloria and Jim rode with Pudge. We were able to really visit and it was fun. Got to Amarillo about 9:25 and Sweetie (our GPS) led us to a Steinmart. Now for the sake of those who do not know what Steinmart is--here is the description: it is a dept. store-a step above a Marshalls and not quite a Macys. Gloria & I fell in love with them on our first trip to Arizona 4 years ago. Whenever we travel we try to find them. They are only in some states. Even the guys have gotten to like them. I cannot tell you some of the good buys I have gotten over the years from this store.

Guys are itching to get on a golf course because the weather is gorgeous. They left us at Steinmart and off they went. Now we have about 5 hours to shop, have tea, and do whatever we want! We love it! Gloria was on a mission to get a watch because she had none on the trip--remember it was left on the bathroom counter. She did get one and it is nice. Also she replaced the earrings that were also left at home.

Met back up with the guys. Off we go -heading toward Santa Fe, New Mexico. Had to stop very soon after we started because guys were really hungry. Ate at a wonderful buffet. I need to add here how I do like being able to pay senior citizens prices. Now after eating we are all moaning and groaning.

The drive was interesting. Lots of cattle and open ranges. Saw horses also.

Crossed into New Mexico. Everybody's first time in this state. Cross a time line and set our clocks back an hour. Stopped at rest stop and info center. Got lots of brochures that you think are necessary and boy do they ever clutter up the car.

Got gas in Santa Rosa--$l.67. Some discussion about how much further we should go before getting a hotel. It is only 5:30 so decided to go further. Sun is setting and of course we are going west so it is right in our eyes. It is a good thing I am not driving because the visor did not go low enough to shade my eyes. Sun sets and it is really dark. I take flashlight so I am able to continue to read. Towns are far and few between. Got to Moriarty and rented Holiday Inn about 7 pm. Nobody is hungry for dinner. Snacks are brought out. Pudge & Gloria playing cribbidge. Felt bad when I heard Gloria say, "I wish I could just win 1 game." Jim is wiped. He has hit the wall. His neck is hurting. It is 9:15. Everybody settling in. It will not be long before the lights are out.

It is cold out there tonight. Temp is 31 but there is no snow. Hope tomorrow is as nice out as it was today.


  1. You chose a good time to leave Minnesota. We are getting snow today - probably more in Willernie than where I live. St. Cloud had gotten six inches by 6 am today and it was still coming down.

    I'm glad you are seeing and doing interesting things. It's so good to hear from you.

  2. Hi Pat,
    I just want to pop in to tell you how much I am enjoying your
    trip with you.
    Each morning as I drink my cup of coffee I think about your blog
    and can't wait to get to the pc to see your new post. It is kind of
    like reading a book and I need to know what comes next. Actually,
    it is better ,for me, than a book as when you have ended the writing
    I have to wait until the next day for more. With a book I just put all my work on hold and keep reading. Naughty me.
    Sounds like you are having a great time. But then, I have yet to
    hear of you not enjoying what ever is on your plate at any given time.
    I followed through to DD4's blog ( If I am right this is Donna) (Hi Donna) and enjoyed all of her photos
    from the Christmas gathering at your moms house. As soon as I
    saw them all seated at the table with the headgear I knew you
    had a hand in it. They all looked so cute and festive.
    Your mom looks really good. (Hi Liz).
    Keep up the great blogging and know I am enjoying it every step
    of the way.
    Your friend, Diane

  3. Hi Diane,

    How fun to hear from you. I hope I can see you sometime again. It has been a long time!

    I'm also eager to read the next installment on Pat's trip. She's a great writer!

    Take care, Donna