Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Week

Tuesday, March 17th found me at a local restaurant with Mom, Denny & Gemma. Went there for corn beef & cabbage which was absolutely great. The whole place was very festive--lots of people, green beer & green wine, lots of green clothes. Gemma captured the crowd with some of her Irish tunes. Then up to Mom's where Gemma made everyone an Irish coffee. It was great.

Wednesday (18), Thursday(19) & Friday (20) found me back teaching in a classroom at Centennial Senior High. I got a call that said they really needed someone to cover a class for those 3 days. OK - I said back teaching but there was no teaching involved. I was a warm body with a teaching license. The class was higher level algebra and I cannot even fake myself through that. I tried to make sense out of some of the problems that were assigned to no avail. The kids were awesome. They helped each other. They were so respectful, polite and courteous (with the exception of a little incident involving 3 of them) It was really fun to be back there. I got to see and visit with my colleagues and get caught up. Former students saw me in the hallway and seemed to be thrilled to see me. A few even stopped by the classroom to visit. The teacher whose class I was covering happened to be the coach of the girls basketball team and they made it to the state tournament so that was the reason for the 3 days that I covered her classroom. In fact they were in the championship game on Saturday but lost to Minneapolis South. That was really fun for me to watch because I had 90% of those girls in my class at one time or other.

Saturday, I woke up to sunny skies and warm temperatures. Oh boy!! That inspires me to get my windows open, wash clothes and hang on the line, scrub, vacuum, dust, polish. And I did just that. Tore into my bedroom. Every nook & cranny got it. There were no dust bunnies that were going to get by me. Every stitch of bedding even the pillows were washed and hung on line for the sun and wind to dry. Curtains were washed, starched and ironed and put back on my sparkly clean windows. Carpet was cleaned, furniture rearranged, walls washed, furniture polished. Everything that was laying about has found a place to live. What a pleasure to crawl into that clean, fresh bed. Now that is the way I like to clean. Enough of this giving it a "lick and a promise." Not sure what room will be next. I know I have to start prepping the kitchen and that is going to make everything messy. It will be one of those things where it will get worse before it gets better.

Sunday, went to mass, finished up the bedroom, visited with Mom & Mary Beth, went to Target and did some more mundane things.

I wonder what next week has in store for me???

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  1. So, what kind of vitamins are you on? I'm amazed at your energy level, Pat!