Sunday, March 15, 2009

"Might As Well"

I am in the "might as well" syndrome."

Too soon to clean carpets because we still have a lot of slop to go through. "Might as well" clean cupboards. Need to get ready for turnover of clothes but still just a little too early. "Might as well" get rid of some of the other stuff. Went to basement for laundry. "Might as well" tidy it up a little.

Now with home improvement it really starts. Nothing wrong with my faucet but as long as we are getting new sink & counter top "might as well" get a new one. New sink & counter top will make dated wallpaper look bad. "Might as well" get rid of it and start looking at paint. Now my curtains will look tired. "Might as well" look for new ones or material to make. Going to replace front door and get the wall fixed where it leaked. After consulting with the handyman who is going to do it he said he could replace door but it would not be as good because of the side lights. "Might as well" get new side lights also. Now I will bet you when these projects get started there will be many more "might as wells." I keep hearing in my head "ca-ching, ca-ching." Oh well, "might as well" spend some of our money on this.

Get the picture.


  1. Oh, my - I see a lot of changes (and decisions) in your future. I'm sure you will like it once it is all completed. Good luck!

  2. It seems like you have good instincts and responses to all of your "might as wells". Keep it up.

  3. See what happens when you have all that time!