Saturday, March 7, 2009

Movie, Friends, Wine, Cheese & Chocolate

Went to movie Doubt last night with Mom & Gemma. I really enjoyed it. It seemed like it only lasted about 1/2 hour and I was somewhat surprised at the ending. The name of this movie says it all. Now I wanted it to play out and come up with a nice clean ending but that is not what happened. I think the way they did it is what made it so good. It makes you think and it made for good discussion. Another thing I liked about it was I could so relate to a lot of the Catholic stuff. Being educated in Catholic schools by nuns and priests in the 50s and 60s this movie really bought back some memories.

Then back to my house where Denny and Mary Beth showed up. I poured glasses of wine (made a pot of tea for mom), started the fire in the fireplace, put out a cheese & fruit platter. I also made some homemade truffles which were really good. I am on a mission to use up a lot of my things in cupboard & freezer. I happened to have some Baileys Irish Creme that had been in pantry for awhile. Went on line and found a recipe for truffles that called for that. Of course, I had to go to store to get other things for it but it did turn out well. There is nothing better than good chocolate and wine. Not to mention good cheese which I splurged on. It was funny to me that several of my guests liked the cheap cheese from Aldi's and did not care for the expensive cheese. I was the opposite. Loved the expensive stuff. Random thought--I hate to waste food. People that know me can attest to that. I will eat leftovers for weeks on end just so I do not have to throw anything away. I will make concoctions of stuff just so I do not have to throw it away. If something does need to be tossed it breaks my heart and often I have to have Pudge do it because I can't. If I do have to throw it I have to grit my teeth and just do it without thinking about it. I am never happy to do it. Now where does this come from I ask myself. I think from the nuns (I can tell you stories about how they would not let you waste anything.) I am also going to blame my parents and others who surrounded me while growing up.

So while we are all visiting and solving the problems of the world I bought out a time capsule that some of us were involved in New Years Eve of 1999--it was the millennium. We went through the articles that were put in there and had some very good laughs and many memories. Now that was a very nice evening for me.

Side note--hockey at this point in time is very intense for Pudge. They are in the playoffs to see which team will go to state. So far his team has made it through one game and have 2 more today. He left at 5:30 am and will not be home until after 10:00. He will probably be gone tomorrow also. So the title of "hockey widow" is very fitting right now. I would probably go because playoff games are exciting but to spend 14-15 hours in an arena does not appeal to me. Also I would be by myself for all of those 14-15 hours. I realized years ago I cannot compete with hockey players.

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