Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Simplifying Is a Joke (Sometimes)

Since I have decided that this blog is more for me than anyone else I want to record this for my benefit. I have also decided not to try to make this blog perfect because that is what was adding to my frustrations. For example, try to fix this underlining. I know I do paragraphs but when it gets published there are no paragraphs and I am not to fix it because it seems to get me in more trouble than it is worth. So with that being said...on with this post.

Now first things first. Christmas is not here in AZ. At least not yet. Nope, not ready to abandon the idea of going back to MN. So Christmas decorations down here were not going to happen. Besides, remember I want to simplify my life and not have so many things. But I have come to the realization that sometimes I can talk the talk but I cannot walk the walk. Although in my defense I have gotten so much better. Anyway, that was before I went to one of my favorite thrift stores--the Orphanage. It is really that--an orphanage of sorts. There are children there with no parents but also there are some that have parents but for some reason cannot take care of their children. The place itself fascinates me. It is called "Miracle in the Desert." All right-enough of that. On with the story. We pull in and alas! something different. There are tables upon tables on the outside of the building filled with stuff. A beeline was made over to the area. Found out that you take a big box and fill it with anything you find on the tables and this filled box will cost $5.00. Well before I took a box I decided to look. Came across a few cute things so got a box and started to fill it. It took over an hour to go through all the tables. Oh what fun it was!!! So some of the treasures I found that made it into my box are as follows:
This very cheerful Christmas cloth.
Oh--this was not found there. This is my fireplace which is really a DVD on the TV. The pink Santa hat was put on the corner and I didn't even have to worry about it burning. I must say that this fire does cheer up the living room and I swear you can feel the warmth.
These were some of my favorites. I am sure they are vintage. And arent't they the cutest! Love these!

These pretty white ceramic deer were still in the box. The holly candle ring got thrown in the box.
This is kind of another story. Decided that I was going to make this my Christmas tree. It is always in the corner of the living room with 1 string of mini white lights. I put a couple more strings of the pink lights that were used on the golf cart for the parade. Then last year after Christmas I went to take our trash out to the dumpster and found 2 boxes of the prettiest ornaments in there. They made their way home with me and were tucked away. When I decided to do this tree they came out. Wish I would have taken a close up because I am pretty sure they are antique. The angel on top of the tree made its way into "the box." Can't see it too well in this picture. She has braids and freckles on her face. Really cute.
Not a good picture. But I thought this looked cheerful. On the top shelf the dancing Santas are like a border and I got several rolls.
Could not resistFrosty the snowman. The snowman snowglobe was the gift that I got last year at the Sunsationals Christmas party. The other little snowman was on a gift as well as the felt one.
Glass snowman was winking at me when I saw it on the table. Plate I have had and it gets different messages put on it as well as different ribbon.I am such a sucker for anything Scandinavian. Loved these 2 figures and the wooden heart. Candle I did buy at Ikea on sale.
Another Santa and the pointsettias.
Stuffed Santa and metallic tree.
We (Twila &me) had so much fun. Darn, I should have put the picture of Twila and all of her treasures on this post. When we returned that day we went to the picnic table and spread them all out to get a better look. Poured a glass of wine and ooohed and aaahed and giggled.
I need to mention there were other things that I got that were not Christmas. My box was over flowing but they still only charged me the $5.00.
Now I really think I need a Nativity.
So you see it is hard for me to simplify my life when things are so cute and cheap. I would not have bought any of this if they would have charged me more.


  1. Wow! This was unexpected fun! I love everything you got, and how you displayed it, too. What a knack for decorating you have, Pat.

    Maybe we could go to the Orphanage when I come down. Who knows, maybe I would bring back an orphan!

  2. I love all your purchases and your creativity never ceases to amaze me! I am coveting your vintage paper figures, tho - they are adorable!