Saturday, January 21, 2012

Christmas in Minnesota-2011

December 26. 2011- Get together at Mom's house. It was wonderful. Pictured are Diane Ridder, her daughter Jill. Also Sarah (Peder's wife) and she is holding Felix. House was torn up. Boxes stacked, no carpeting or curtains. We managed and quite well at that. Thank you very much. Lasagna, french bread, and salad was served. After that came plum pudding and Christmas cookies. I really think this worked out well. Didn't matter that the lasagna was baked at 308 Charing and brought up when it was done. Didn't matter that things were very few Christmas decorations. Nope--none of that mattered. Being together was what mattered that day.
Jill DeRaad and her dad Dave Ridder.
The plum pudding was put in front of Donna. She loves it so very much. This was not as good as Mom's. Maybe some day. Jerry and Pudge ae looking on.
The kids table. How very cute they were. Little Felix and Relia (Peder & Sarah's kids and Donna's grandchildren.) Ethan Manders (Emily & Ross's child & Diane & Dave's grandchild.) The little table was made by my dad for me when I was little.
Pudge & I with our 4 grandchildren. Travis, Jamie, Abby and Anna. This picture was taken Christmas day at Kari's house in Eagan, Minnesota. We also have a step granddaughter--Sarah, age 22. She lives in NYC and works for the FBI. She was not able to be with us for Christmas.
Abby, Jane, Anna and Charlie at the Christmas day dinner table.
Kari & Jamie
The Soderberg family. Anna, Abby, Jane & Bryan.
Shannon Reed - Christmas Eve at Jeff's house. She turned 37 on Christmas day.
December 22 (I think.) High school friends got together at Laurel's house for a Christmas get together. This is Diane Martin Lepinski and Krissy Hanson Anderson. Birthday cake was for Jackie Green Wenzel. This was such an enjoyable afternoon and evening.
Laurel Harholdt Hesley. What a gracious hostess!!
Jackie Green Wenzel cutting her birthday cake. Geez--can hardly believe that we are as old as we are.
Jackie and Nancy Dunlap Ream
This was my "teacher friends" get together at Marcy's house. Phyllis, Marcy, Nancy, Me, Peggy & Nancy. So very much fun to get together with all of them.
Marcy had a wonderful dinner.


  1. Wow! You had a very lovely Christmas. We're going to try to be in Minnesota for this coming Christmas, hopefully we'll all be able to get together in the barn again!

  2. You certainly packed a lot in those 11 days! Thank you for reserving a day for "our family." It was such a rich time of togetherness.

    I enjoyed all the photos so much, especially your kids and grand kids.

    So many of the school gals look familiar to me. And that birthday cake - WOW!

  3. I love how your pictures are all about the people - reflects what is important to you! Thanks for including us - great memories were made, as usual.