Thursday, August 20, 2009

More Pictures From Up North

Pudge walking ahead on the cute, quaint, little road amongst the cute, quaint, little cottages. Talk about people seeing things differently. I saw all of this as very charming and lovely. Pudge saw it as a "dump."
Another cottage on Cottage Hill.

Cottage on Cottage Hill.

One of the cute cottages on Cottage Hill.

Walking around the Breezy Point complex we came across this development. All kinds of cute, quaint cottages. I think I read somewhere that it was once a CCC camp in the 1930's. They were close together but I thought that added to the charm.

Elvis (Chris Olson) singing the American Trilogy. It was great. Enjoyed this a lot.
OK--I wanted to post more pictures so I could experiment a bit and get more used to posting pictures. It did not work the way I wanted it to as far as getting them in chronological order. I know one way to do it but wanted to try another to see if it would work. It didn't but I still learned some other things.


  1. Pat, I think you're going to need to request a permit if you write "cute and quaint" in the same sentence one more time! ;)

    I think I've met Pudge once, so I'm glad to see a picture of him just in case I ever get the chance to meet him again!

    Oh, and I think the cottages are very sweet...maybe you and Donna and Liz and Janet and everyone should pitch together and buy one?

  2. Geez--Rachel, you are right. I am usually conscientious about being repetitive ( all the papers that had to be written while in school) Didn't even notice that. I was too busy experimenting and trying to figure out things with the pictures. I'm telling you that takes some concentration (and time) trying to figure out some of these things.