Saturday, October 6, 2012

More of My Life

Got to keep posting if I want to get things documented about my life.

September 14, 2012 (Friday)  -- Spent this day in Osceola, Wisconsin with Steve and Cynthia.  Steve is our postmaster here in Willernie so Pudge sees hime every day when he gets the mail.  He invited Pudge to be in a golf tournament with him.  Cynthia & I are big garage sale people so while they were golfing we went to the sales.  But first there was a tour of their big, beautiful home that is out in the woods.  That was great.  What else that was impressive to me was the amount of canning that Cynthia had done.  OH MY GOODNESS!!  Beautiful jars of tomatoes, salsa, spaghetti sauce, pickles.  Now I know how much work that is.  It is very tedious.  She seemed to enjoy doing it.  Their garage is full of equipment and shelves for all of this.  She gets most of her produce from farms close to her and she has a big garden at one of her relatives.  Also there were baskets of pears which were really delicious and apples.  They were waiting to be canned into pie fillings.   Need to mention that she also taps her maple trees in the spring and makes syrup.  Reminds me of Ma Ingalls.

The sales were so much fun.  She is really fun to go with because she is really into garage sales  And the day was beautiful.  I did not get too much. 

Later in the afternoon we hooked up with the guys and had dinner at the golf course.  Then we paid a visit to one of the farms.  I was so impressed and it was so much fun.  The owners were gone and she was given permission to help herself with apples, pears, and tomatoes. 

 This is only a very small part of her canned goods.  I think there is something very pretty about home canning in jars. 
 At the farm--Cynthia is gathering apples in her skirt.
 Loved the pumpkin patch.
 Steve getting apples.
 This farm had so many quaint vignettes that I really liked.  Behind the red building there was a bunch of chickens fenced in.
 Had to have a shot of this huge pumpkin.  I was eating one of the delicious, juicy pears that we had just picked.
I really liked this branch that was laden with apples.  I thought it was so pretty.

Went home that evening with buckets of apples, pears, tomatillos, some tomatoes, beautiful jars of canned goods, and a wonderful loaf of banana bread. 

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  1. What a great day you had with your friends, Pat! I loved the photos - especially you sitting next to that huge pumpkin!