Thursday, September 20, 2012

Missing In Action

Well many of you have probably been wondering about my blog and why there has been no activity. 

Excuses are as follows:
-Now it has been so long that I do not even know where to go with this or what to focus on because my life certainly has not been at a standstill. 
-By the time I get through doing everything else on this computer I am brain dead and have a hard time once I am tired. 
-Been busy
-Many times I just simply give all of this way too much thought.  I need to quit just thinking about it and go for it.

I think I am going to start with recent and then hope I can carry through and go to the past with my pictures and thoughts.  So now that I am walking through this in my thoughts I need to go to my pictures.  OK--here goes!!Oh yes!!!

Last Thursday (Sept. 13, 2012)  Diane, Laurel, Krissy (high school friends) and I went to Shakopee to an event called Junk Bonanza.  If any of you read any decorating blogs on computer you would know all about this.  So many of them talked this up and I wanted to go.  It is right up my alley.  They take junk, thrift store finds, and dumpster diving acquires and make cool things.  Oh yes!!  This could make anyone excited in my opinion. 

 My goofy friends posing.  Diane, Krissy and Laurel.
 Lots of fall flowers and decorations.  There was so much to see.  It was crowded.  But it didn't matter.  We were all excited and amazed at some of the things we saw. 
 I liked this worn out broom with the witches hat and a raven.  It had a "For Rent" sign on it.  Now I could do something like this. 
 This was really neat.  In the foreground---circles of wool strips wrapped and bound with a measuring tape and a small button.  Oh!!  These are really cute pin cushions.  Wrong.  They are erasers for a chalk board.  I have to say that chalk boards were really the thing.  Saw all kinds of them made from anything you could imagine.  I really liked many of them that I had seen.  The little jars in the back were not anything unusual.  In fact I have some of these exact same little vases.  The intriguing thing was that they made stopppers for them out of buttons.  Hard to see the detail from this picture but they were so darn cute.  Now who doesn't have cute buttons in their sewing box? 
I accidentally got this same picture in again.  Tried to delete but did not work.  I hate to goof around with it too much because chances are I would lose the whole thing.  I am speaking from experience.  Thought:  I think I need a new camera.  Not liking the pictures.  They are not very clear and lacks color and detail.  Of course, I am sure it is not the one taking the picture. 

Well as long as I am on a roll I am going to try some more pictures.  Here's hoping for the best. 

Nope.  It is not going to work.  Don't ask.  I am worried that I am going to lose this so I am going to post and hope I can keep my motivation to write on this blog again. 


  1. Yay! A new entry! The junk event you went to couldn't have been far from my home. Funny, I have never heard of it.

    I'm glad you decided to write again, Pat.

  2. I'm glad for the new post also. I guess I better do something on mine soon.
    It really sounds like all of you had a good time.