Sunday, December 18, 2011

Golf Cart Parade-12/7/11

After the parade there is a show with different entertainment. All kind of homemade cookies and hot chocolate are served. Usually lasts about 30-45 minutes. The Sunsationals performed this year with a darling dance "Sleigh Ride." I was not a part of this because they learned it over the summer. They made me proud because they looked so good.
Waiting in costume at the auditorium. I thought they were very cute. BTW--I am now on that committee.
Performing on stage.
The bear on back of my golf cart with her little tap shoes on.
Here she is!! In all her glory with the pink lights.
Linup of many of the other golf carts.
This is the cart that carried the Grand Marshall and led the parade.
Dale is our neighbor. He wrote a memoir about his experiences on D-Day along with other things about the war. I read it twice because it was so amazing.

The military is well represented. There are many resident veterans. Here are our very dear, sweet neighbors--Dale and Louella Olson. Love these two!
Backing out of driveway with decorated "Minnie." Clarification for the name--Her first name is "Minnie." Middle name "Sota." Last name "Berg." Get it? Thank you Diane Martin Lepinski for that name. The red chairs in our driveway (and neighbors) were brought around from our back patio for our guests to watch the parade which went right down our street.
In the lineup by the auditorium. It was a beautiful evening. We had to be there by 5:00 and parade started at 5:30. Side note of information--in this land of old people you come to realize that if you get to an event 5 minutes before it starts you will absolutely be the very last one to arrive. Take note that when the time is set you need to be there 30 minutes before and even with that you will probably be one of the last ones--not the last one but close to it. The cart next to me was a Red Hat group and the Queen Mum was the one honored. It was really cute. Wish there was more of it showing.
Here are the Sunsationals with the organizer of the parade. It is customary to have a shot of blackberry brandy before the start. I can barely get it to my lips. It is so much like Nyquil it is not even funny. Hate it. But that was OK because I had a thermos of peppermint patties on my cart (hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps.) Just for the record-- it sounds like this is a big drinking ordeal--it is not.
Lineup at auditorium.

Reasons for this blog:
1. Want to get this documented for posterity.
2. Share the fun.
3. Get on the top of sidebars on other blogs for awhile.
This is the 2nd year I have participated in this parade. The Sunsationals have a fleet of golf carts decorated in pink (that is our signature color) and it is really so much fun.
There were probably about 25 golf carts decorated differently for this parade. I am amazed at the creativity that is displayed. A marching band from a local high school adds to the festivities. There is a float or two, a trailer with a garage band and decorated bicycles among other things .
None of this is in order. And I bet when I post it the paragraphs disappear. Oh well--so be it.

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  1. Fun! Fun! Fun! I'm so happy for you to be part of this great group of women, Pat!

    "Minnie" is a gorgeous cart, and the driver matches it perfectly - YOU! Thanks for sharing this special event.