Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas in the Desert

Irish Nativity set that was displayed along with about 60 others. This was all part of the Mormon Christmas in Mesa. This was one of my favorite ones. They had these Nativities from all around the world. We were there on a Saturday night to look at the lights. This was in their visitors center but on Saturday the line was so long to get in there. Pudge & I returned Monday about 10 am and we were the only ones there.
I liked this one a lot. It is the Fisher Price Nativity.
This is the room where they all were displayed. There are some tables that are not in this picture. It was amazing and so very glad we went back to see this.
This was a huge scene on the grounds of this big Mormon temple. It was beautiful. There were several of these life size displays telling the story of the birth. There was one where Mary and Joseph were traveling by donkey. She was on the donkey and one thing that I found fascinating was the fact that you could tell she was very definitely pregnant.
John, Shannon, & Gloria under a tunnel of lights
This Mormon light display was so incredibly fantastic. It was unbelievable and these pictures do not give it justice at all. This is only a small part of the whole thing. I am here to tell you that it was amazing. It left one speechless and gasping for breath. Could not help but think "Oh! the work that it must have took."
Part of the story. The 3 kings. They really used spatial design to make this really effective.
At the boat parade in Tempe. Notice Pudge in shorts. It was a nice evening. Just cool enough to weaqr light jackets. No cold toes or noses.
This boat parade was spectacular. The decorating was great and then it would reflect on the water making it even more incredible.
The moon was out in full force making it a very pleasant evening to watch this boat parade.
Now one of the big reasons I am blogging about all of this is because I went back and read my old blogs. I discovered by doing that how great it is to read about my world. Now how egotistical is that previous statement? I guess what I mean is that I really like the documentation about what I have done, seen and thought. With that being said more blogging will be coming.

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  1. I love this post, Pat! I had no idea the Mormon church would go all out for the Christmas displays.

    I agree with you - blogging gives us a good record what what we saw and did and it is fun to look back on our history. Keep it up! I remain, your #1 fan!!