Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Mold

While drying out the basement and having to open up the walls about 2 feet from the floor they discovered mold. Little did I know what a big deal that was going to be. Geez--do they take that seriously. Another team was brought in. Everything had to be plastic up with heavy duty plastic. The doors had zippers in the plastic so you could go in and out by zipping it up and down. There were tunnels made out of plastic where they had the air blowing to the outside. All of this was done so it would not contaminate anything else. The guys went in with white coveralls and big gas masks on their face. I thought then and still do now that it was a bit of overkill. They were adamant about how dangerous it was. Could not touch anything. We were ordered to stay out of the basement until it got the "all clear" from a certified mold specialist who came in with hand held devices to take a reading. As it turned out it was very little mold. Some on the outside kitchen wall and some in the furnace room. All that for such a small bit. And it was expensive.

Replacing the furnace, hot water heater and air conditioner. They were all taken out by the flood and could not be fixed so we had to get new ones.
More big fans were brought in when mold was discovered. These were all hooked up to tunnels so as not to contaminate.
The mold team. They worked hard and long.
Plastic every where and they made sure it was sealed tight. This was one of the walls where mold was discovered and it is being contained until it could be treated.
Putting up plastic.

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  1. Such an organized crew! I'm so happy they'e making progress, Pat.