Monday, March 19, 2012

Bits & Pieces From January, 2012

Air Force One at the Mesa-Gateway airport about 5 miles from us. We didn't see it fly over the condo but our neighbors did. I got a thrill seeing this famous plane.

While in Tucson we went to the Sonoran Desert Museum which was well worth our while. It was beautiful and informative. I thought I had taken more pictures of the experiences at this museum but when I checked there are very few.

This was one of my favoite things about the Desert Museum. They had a humming bird house. All of the little humming birds were flying around or sitting on branches. This is hard to see but it is one sitting on the little tiny nest. We both loved this.
One Sunday in January Pudge & I took off to explore Tucson, Arizona. It is only about 1 1/2 hours from Mesa and there were things that we wanted to see. We happened upon this event which was fascinating. We stopped at this scenic mountain overview and decided to hike up the mountain. Near the top of this trail there were a group of guys that were doing something. It seemed very organized. Upon a closer look we saw that they were working with little remote cars. However, it wasn't just playing with them. They had set up a track with markers and it was a competition with their little cars. They scored points if they managed to get their cars up the rocks and along this track without knocking over any of the markers. They had score keepers that would oversee all of this and write down their score. This all had to be done in a certain time period. We were fascinated. We found out that this is really an organized thing around the state. These cars are very expensive. They have to qualify for bigger and better races. This was all taken very seriously.
This is one of the cars making its way along the track. If they touch the little green thing with their car they lose points. It was amazing how these cars could make their way along the rocks. They did tip over at times but through skill and whatever else the guys did they could get them to upright themselves.
Also in January we celebrated Jim's 70th birthday which was really Dec. 27th. John & Shannon had a party on their patio.
Jimmy Tollefsbol with his birthday cake.
Shannon, Gloria & I getting our toes done. I love pedicures.


  1. I sure enjoyed these photos and stories, Pat! It's fun to see a photo of you!

  2. I love pedicures too! Thanks for sharing some updates from AZ! Our MN "Winter" was pretty fabulous - Spring is definitely on it's way - can you believe it?! :)