Sunday, July 17, 2011

Continuation of Castastrophe

Denny standing in sewing room trying to figure out what to get out of there.
Refrigerator coils got wet. Not sure if it works. Haven't plugged it back in yet.
The maintenance men trying to hook up the big huge pump to move water over the road through a big hose to the other side of creek where it will run and make its ways to White Bear Lake.
After vacuuming for a couple of hours the floor is dry. Alleluia!!!!
An attempt at drying out the Christmas ornaments. These are the ones that always went on her memory tree for years and years. I think most of them will be able to be saved. I sure am trying.
Using the driveway to try to dry out things.
7:30 pm-calling it quits for the day. We are tired, wet, dirty and aching. Note the pile of sopping carpet.
3:30 pm- we are finally able to open the back patio door and throw out a couple buckets of water. We discovered very quickly that wasn't going to work. Note the water mark on the wall.
Water soaked things drying out in driveway.
The crew (wonderful friends and neighbors) hooking up wet vacs. This worked much better.
Looking into the kitchen.

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  1. Dear Pat, What an ordeal! I'm anxious to see new pictures showing everything dried up and put back. You must be exhausted!