Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Life in Arizona

Some random pictures of part of my life here in Arizona.

Mom, Denny, Pudge and I at Starbucks in Scottsdale. This was after we had a wonderful drive through the hills looking at the beautiful homes and scenery. We were stalling for time here waiting to go pick up Gemma at the airport.

Shannon, Gloria, & Darcy at the Arabian horse show in Scottsdale. This show is awesome. I am not even into horses but I sure do enjoy it. I would recommend this to anyone.

We are preparing the stage for our big 2011 dance review. The theme was Broadway Lights and Boogie Nights. Many of us showed up to do this. Some were hanging back drops and curtains. We are covering outlets with tape. It turned out well and it was fun to do.

Mom & I at Ms. Thomas Tea House for tea. Shannon, Gloria, & Darcy were with us. This blog only allows me to put on 5 pictures at a time. I would put a lot more pictures on here if it allowed me.

Mom & I out for her walk one morning. I had the camera and was taking pictures of Mom when my very nice neighbor asked if I wanted one of the two of us. Of course, I did so this is it. This time we were walking on the road in front of the condos.


  1. Thanks for the new photo's, Pat.
    I miss getting up early to have Pudge's coffee, watching the sunrise and catching up on the news.

  2. Great post and fun photos. I love seeing everyone!

  3. Pat, these photos are dearer to me now, more than ever. This is the way I will remember Aunt Liz - happy, and so full of life.