Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Beginning of Something New

Wow!! It has been nothing but a whirlwind of activity these past few days and even the last week. Trying to get ready for 2 big events just about did me n.

Christmas. Now I know everybody gets busy with the preparations. I told myself that I was not going to be putting up all of my decorations this year. Well, I didn't but I still put up a lot. Everyday 2 weeks prior I kept digging in my boxes and discover something that I felt needed to be out. So I had to find a home for a lot more things than planned. To make a long story short Christmas day all of my family come to my house for present opening and brunch. Then it is up to Mom's for more family members and present opening and dinner and of course, plum pudding. Then clean up the mess up there. Get home about 8 pm and clean up brunch dishes and put them all back. Also Christmas night we took down the tree and all the other decorations. Fell into bed about 1 am. Up early to start laundry and packing the van. That took some doing. Had to go through clothes and decide what was going. That was not an easy task. Organized decorations and boxes and they all went back into the attic. Cleaned refrigerator. Packed spices and some staples. More things into the van. This was not easy either because our driveway is icy and full of hard ridges so it made the job more difficult. I thought to myself "why would I want to leave this"---NOT

Well after everything is all said and done--the van is very full. I have my magazines and books ready to go. We will be leaving early --4 am. We are both excited to start this new venture in our lives. It will be different.

So I bid you all farewell. I am saying good bye to the ice, cold, snow, shoveling, slop, slush, heavy bulky clothes and boots.

Hope to keep you all posted about this experience via blogging. Stay tuned.

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  1. Yes, you've been on a fast track, and now you're on to your 2nd honeymoon! I hope your drive down goes well and that you love your new retirement home. I'll be tuning in often to read updates. I hope you'll be able to post pictures, too. Enjoy it to the fullest, Pat. You and Pudge deserve this!!