Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Condo

We are now owners of a 2BR/2Ba condo at Sunland Village East in Mesa, Arizona. It came about sooner than what we had planned but hopefully it will work out for us.

How did this all come about? Last year when we were there we went looking for condos to rent for Jan., Feb., March, 2010. We saw this one and looked at it, signed a rental contract and put $ down. There was a clause in the rental contract that if it should come up for sale we would have first option to buy. Well-we thought this would work out. We would be able to rent and decide if we really liked it. Didn't think this option of them selling would come so soon. Of course, we did know that the owner was 95 years old.

This summer got email. They wanted to sell. OK-now we have to really think about this. We made a list of pros and cons. Now I do have to admit that our friends, Jim & Gloria had already bought a condo in this same complex while we were there in Jan. and we are making a decision based on a lot of their hard work researching everything there was to be researched. Believe me when I tell you that Jim leaves no stone unturned when it comes to spending his $. We had to keep in mind that according to the experts this is the time to buy because the housing market is low. To make a long story short and after offers, counter offers, inspections, talking with our financial advisor, etc.... we came to an agreement.

What we like about the condo:

  • The layout. We found that we need our own spaces. Last year's condo was very nice but it only 1 LR. So because we watch such different TV (I can only stand so much of ESPN and he can't stand what I watch) that meant one of us had to be in the BR which neither one of us liked. This has a LR and a FR as well as what is called an Arizona room which is a screened in porch. This will work so much better for us.

  • The location. It is right on the golf course. The golf course is our back yard. Very pretty. If I remember right we are able to see Superstition Mountain also.

  • The complex. It is a +55 development.

  • Activities. There are so many activities that I will find it hard to pick and choose.

  • Everything is very nice and neat. There are lots of rules that dictate to make this happen.

  • The fact that Jim & Gloria will be there and we also have other friends who live there year round.

  • The weather. We will not have to fight ice, snow and cold. No more boots, heavy coats, etc...

  • Mesa. Tons of shopping & restaurants. Also, it is very easy to get around. Streets run parallel and everything seems to be squared off so it is hard to get lost.

  • Not far from lots of places we like or would like to see.
  • Pudge loves the golf around there.

What I don't like about condo.

  • The fact that it is a +55. I am going to miss youngsters.

  • A lot of rules. I wonder how many times we will be scolded for breaking some of them.
  • All of these units look the same on the outside.

Now most of the time when people sell their condos it is usually all furnished. Our owner wanted most of her furniture. They did leave a bedroom set, a couch, some end tables and a few other things. That did not bother me too much because I was not fond of most of it anyway. I could have made do with it and we would not be so pressured to get some of the essentials that we need. But that's OK--I am up to the challenge of furnishing this. In fact, I am looking forward to it. I have been on Craigs list and the deals to be had are incredible--not to mention the garage sales, thrift stores, etc... This is going to be fun. I know one thing--it will not be decorated in the Southwestern style that is so popular down there. I do not like the pastelly pinks, blues and patterns. I do not like Kokopelli (he is the god of something and he is blowing a horn and dancing) They have him all over the place. Another thing--those god awful pink curtains in the living room that they left will be the first thing to come down.

I am starting to go through stuff here at home. It feels good to thin things out around here. But I do have to remember that we have limited space because we are only bringing our van and it can only hold so many boxes.

This year we are planning on leaving around Dec. 28th and returning sometime in April. Mom is coming the middle of January and returning the first part of March. We already have guests coming Jan. 8th-16th. A couple of college kids that Pudge coached and still has a relationship with them. I am hoping our kids will be able to visit at some time and any body else. We have a blow up queen size bed as well as a guest room that I want to get twin beds. There will be a couple of couches. So this is an invitation for each and every one of you to come visit. We will be more than happy to see people from home.

This will be a new venture for us. It is something to look forward to. Hope it works out.


  1. I am thrilled for you and Pudge! The new condo sounds like it will be perfect for the two of you. I will watch for an opportunity to come to visit you sometime.

  2. This sounds so nice. I know you will be happy in the warmth of Arizona.