Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Continuation of KOA weekend

Saturday night after dinner we all settled down. We were drinking tea and chatting. It was pleasant. Then I heard something near the wall squeak and upon looking over there was a furry thing (no doubt a mouse) scurrying near the base of the wall not far from me. I do not like mice. That fact was very evident in my reaction. I screamed, stood up, threw my cup of tea and started hopping around like a bunny trying to escape from something. My heart was pumping, tears came to my eyes and I was very frightened. All this time the others were rolling on the floor laughing so hard they could not talk. I did not see anything funny about it. Yep--I was set up. It was a fake mouse that they put on a fishing pole with line so they could make it scurry. Jan was wetting her pants because of laughing so hard. Come to find out that wasn't the case at all--it was my tea from the cup I threw that was running down her leg. We all got a laugh out of that. After bawling those guys out among their laughter I went to sit back down. Dammit!! There was that ugly mouse on the couch. I screamed to get it out of there. I did not want to see it. The others are having a hard time moving because of laughing. Finally dear Liz came to my rescue and said she would remove the fake mouse. It turned out it was my tea bag--boy it sure looked like a mouse with a tail.

Climbed into bed that night and there was a big plastic rat in my sleeping bag. That did not scare me--too fakey looking but I did cuss when I threw the dumb thing out.

Sunday morning--Judy & I up early. We visit for about an hour and a half before the others even stir. After everyone is up we drink coffee on the deck and solve all the world's problems. It is a gorgeous morning and the lake is so pretty.

Marnie's turn to cook breakfast. Now I am going to try to explain this but words will not give it justice. She went inside and started to hustle around. Nobody is paying much attention. After a few minutes she comes out the door dressed in a chef's apron and has her hair wrapped in a white terry towel to resemble a chef's hat. She told all of us to come in and sit at the already set table. We did and then we were handed menus. Talk about creative--the menu had different options which cracked all of us up. She was there with pad and pencil ready to take our orders. She then goes into the kitchen and starts cooking. I am here to tell you there were pots & pans everywhere and she was hustling. Eggs were frying, bacon and sausage cooking, pancakes grilling, bread and English muffins toasting. She was sweating. We were laughing. Comment was made "I'm sure glad I don't have kitchen cleanup." Service was very slow but on the back side of our menus there was Soduko. Some of us worked on it--not me. Too much concentrating. Finally all of our breakfasts were served. That was so much fun.

Into town where we went to a few gift shops, bought ice, checked our lottery tickets to see if we had a winner (we didn't--only a measly $3.00), bought ice, & enjoyed ice cream cones on the porch of the ice cream parlor.

Back to cabin. Pontoon boat ride where we explored the lake. Saw an eagle.

Went for a walk in the woods and dug out some small pine trees for Todd-Jan's son. Made caramel apples. Did a craft project which was painting masks on a stick. Marnie and Liz really have artistic abilities and you could tell. Their masks rocked. The rest of ours were very "ho-hum" in comparison but it didn't matter. We had fun. The thought crossed my mind--"this is what it will be like in a nursing home. All the little, old ladies doing the arts and craft activity."
Dinner was Jan's famous tuna fish salad sandwiches and soup.

Later on popcorn was made and we watched the emmys, played games, talked and laughed.

Monday morning--started packing up. Everyone on their own for breakfast. Cabin cleaned, took pictures, KOA flag was lowered.

It was the greatest time. Many memories were created. I am grateful for these wonderful people I call my friends.

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  1. Wow! That was quite a weekend for you! Your friends sound like a great group.

    I like your pictures, too.