Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mad & Frustrated

Damn!! This posting pictures is not going well. My problems and frustrations are as follows:
-I keep forgetting to click "add another image" when I want to do more than one.
-Can hardly see my pictures in the file--too small. When I make them bigger then I scroll down and it seems that I haven't clicked anything and before I know it picture had been uploaded. It is like it has a mind of its own sometimes. Thus the duplication of pictures
-I want my pictures to appear at end of blog not at the beginning. Don't have a clue how to do that. I thought maybe if the curser was where I want the picture that is where it would appear--NOT.
I envy and covet the computer skills many of you have.


  1. Oh Pat, I know your frustration. Blogger has come a long way in making it easy, but it still gets to be a pain sometimes.

    It takes a little practice.
    To put the text above the pictures either upload the pics first and click to the right of the top picture, press return to type above, or copy and paste your already written text in that spot.

    You can always delete the duplicate photos by clicking on them and pressing "delete"

    I usually write down the file names of the photos I want to post before I try to upload them.

    More to the point-
    The kitchen looks LOVELY! I love the blue and yellow. I can't seem to narrow my vision the way you have. Please please please invite me over so I can see it in person sometime! Relia and I are free for second-hand shopping all week ;o)

  2. Pat, I have the same problem with placement of the pictures and the other thing that drives me nuts is how if I type my text first and THEN insert pics, it skews my type around, crams it together or takes out spaces between paragraphs. And I wish I could figure out how to get the pictures in chronological order when I have a bunch of them.

    The kitchen DOES look great, Pat! I just pulled out an article in BHG for my "dream home" of a room with a blue/yellow color scheme. So fresh!